[Archive] Nemo's Chaos Dwarf Lord



I’ve been busy over the last couple of weeks and have managed to get my whole 2000pt army assembled and undercoated. This can only mean one thing, I now have to paint them all!

I decided to go with my Lord (could be a bad idea I know) as I would like to finally have my own personal avatar.

Anyway without further ado here he is. Lord Gulgamesh, Overtyrant of the Basalt Mines.



Ishkur Cinderhat:

First of all, there is some nice paint job in there. But what exactly is that thing on his head / instead of his head? I can’t make out any features at all!


yeah… the mask needs work… Maybe try bits in stead of those masks…


- Kyte


The model is very nice, but the mask lets it down. I would flick that off and try again.

Where are those shoulder pads from?


I have to echo the thoughts of others, it’s a great model but that mask has got to go. Grab some kind of skull mask bit, like a Marauder shoulder pad or something. It would make him look loads better.


@ everyone: The mask, I must admit looked much better to me before I painted, but as the facial details I sculpted were too shallow the paint from both undercoating and normal painting therfore filled them, leaving a blank expression on his face. I have blacklined some detail in, this may make him look a little better.

@ Grimstonefire: The shoulder pads are normal marauder pads (the ones with the spikes)

@Warplock Monkey (in the Avatars thread): The body is self-sculpted from about waist height. The bottom half is a cut up BfSP Thunderer standard/musician.




the candles on the base is a really cool touch


I didn’t think the mask looked too bad, I thought he was looking where he was pointing. Maybe a helm from the Chaos Warriors box would suit him better