[Archive] New American Civil War rules


For those into historical gaming the Regimental version of Fire and Fury came out not to long ago. My dad and I are still going through it, probably going to play a test game soon.

I’m really liking what I’ve read so far. A little more variety in weaponry, but still simple enough to keep it fast paced.

IE, for Infantry & Cavalry Weapons they have:

Rifle Musket, Repeater, Breechloader, Inferior Rifle, Rifle Carbine, Smoothebore Musket, and Shotgun/Hunting Rifle.

The game is very intuitive, and the charts are very easy to understand. The charts take up a two sided card that is somewhat smaller than a standard printed page.

For those across the pond, it could very easily be adapted for conflicts around the same time such as the Crimean War, France’s adventure into Mexico, or the Franco-Prussian War if those conflicts interest you more.

It’s 15mm scale, so it is a bit easier to have impressive lines of troops on the table.

I’m seriously considering grabbing all the old Civil War figs we have lying around and painting up a couple divisions… probably using Chancellorsville as the basis for an order of battle.

Link to the Fire and Fury website

I also recommend their WWII rules. Blows Flames of War right out of the water, but I may be biased as I hate Flames of War with a passion.


Would these rules adapt well to 28mm. I’ve been thinking about getting some of the awesome Perry ACW range, and having a rules set for them would be great.