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Hi everyone,

Been playing warhammer for about eight years and have recently been eyeing the chaos dwarfs. I have thus far been unsuccessful in finding an official set of rules that I can take to a tournament. However, I�?Tve seen a lot of unofficial rules in your guys rules development section. But, if someone could post me a link or a PDF of some official rules, that would be awesome!




http://houstonfb.com/chaos-dwarfs.pdf this is the most official list, if you play in games workshop. but in Sweden all chaos dwarf player play whit this list : http://issuu.com/mattbird/docs/f_dwarfs_of_chaos


Thanks for the help! Is the second one only used in sweeden, because I kind of really enjoy that version over the more official version?

Da Crusha:

no, you can use it in other places it just isnt the official list. it is fan made.


I think the official list will give you a tough time in tournament, I find it too limiting in troop options and magic items. I cant live without my daemon smith on a Daemoneater(chariot), or obsidian guard to add some much needed hitting power plus Inferno Golems movement makes them great on the flanks and gives fast cav the willies. I’ve played with both lists and prefer the Indy list head and shoulders above the official one.

Time of Madness:

I think the official list will give you a tough time in tournament, I find it too limiting in troop options and magic items.

I agree the magic items are limited, however the actual list is rather diverse. You have a great mix of infantry/cav/shooting/magic. On top of that you have a vast amount of different troops to choose from.

You can still make competitive tourny based lists with Ravening Hordes.
Time of Madness

Hashut’s Blessing:

Svarog: the main reason that the official list is tough in tournaments is because it always nearly is disallowed to enter :wink:


You’ve already been given the main help because you have been given links to the pdfs but there is this thread http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=5650 not that it helps you that much. I do have the old rules including the indy GT rules at home and the basic gist of what they had said was black orcs = no banners. You can no longer lap so sneaky gits where given a new move ‘Sneaky’ which gave them a free move instead. Bull Centaurs were unmounted cavalry so armour and strenth wise they became all the downsides minus the plus’s (i.e no extra armour save and strength takes a dive). The BlunderBusses’s also needed at least 4 models in the first rank to get the +1 bonus strength (for each rank) but still needed 5 in the first rank for combat rez. The rest was pretty straight forward. But as I can no longer find this document anywhere anymore I no longer use these and just don’t take sneaky gitz

And you can win at tournaments with the official list. It’s all about how you field your army. But yes they do give you hassles I usally piont to the fact that CD stats are in the rule book