[Archive] New AoW Dwarf


I just found this new AoW Dwarf - I really like the model! :cheers

I think this guy would be a part of my Dwarfs soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



It’s a nice model, and easily corruptible by the influence of chaos.


Yup, my thoughts exactly… wouldn’t take much really, just a darker scheme!  nice!


I like most of the model, but the horns aren’t good at all imo. They look a bit like hotdogs stuck on his helmet. :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

I like the horns, I think it gives it a distinguished look. the model feels like a possible deamonsmith to me.

I was just looking at the avatar of war page a few days ago, its a good thing I hesitated on buying the newer slayer model, now I can get them together.


Not keen on the horns myself, I don’t like breaking the hench Dwarf silhouette. Easily remedied though. Nice beard on him.


Stick a big hat on him and i think we have a winner there :hat That is a cool looking dwarf


I’m not that excited about this one :frowning: Boring pose/character - and yes, the horns looks weird. And I must say thet the paint job doesn’t help eighter. Felix could do so much better. And I don’t think I’ll be adding this one to may collection of AoWs. Sorry, but it’s a thumbs down. That’s what comes from speeding the process - and not share wips, I guess.

/The Old Grumpy Dwarf


I really like this one I must say. One of his better pieces.


I like this one, will definately be getting it to add to my Dawi Zharr!

Border Reiver:

It’s the horns that disappoint me here - they just don’t look right and seem to be an afterthought on the helmet. The shoulder guards look nice and the beard is certainly impressive, but IMO the Thunderer Lord is a much more characterful Dwarf model.

I like a lot of AOW’s work, but really they are too expensive to use as the basis of an extensive conversion to a Dawi Zharr, and this one is less impressive than some of Citadel’s older Dwarf models.


Not too bad. I’d consider getting it.

Time of Madness:

The problem with the horns is just the paint job. If the horns were painted more bleached bone (normal style) I don’t think many people would have a problem with them.

And they are fairly easy to cut off and file down.

Time of Madness