[Archive] New AoW Lizardman


I was just “surfing” on the “Max Paint Bemalforum” and found this post:

The guy said that this Lizardman wasn’t on the AoW webside yet, but as a retailer he got the info before others!

Imo this guy looks nice but Lizards (exept the old 3rd edition Slaan) aren’t my favourites!


Thommy H:

That’s a really nice figure. I saw it over on Frothers earlier. The head properly looks like a dinosaur, which is great.


It isn’t on the retail website yet afaik, but it has been on the forum for many months.


best Lizardmen i’ve seen in years.

Dino-man :smiley:


Lol - they (AoW forums) have been talking about this since 2008 where Richard first showed of his skills for doing lizards :smiley: - Back then he wasn’t still an ‘amateur’. Guess Richard now has proved himself skilled enough to finally do stuff for Felix. Until now the only sculpts I know of are those he did for TFM (aka Build).

And it’s not right that WIPs hasn’t been showed. TFM-forum has been showing a lot of the WIPs - and at AoW WIPs was posted back in May - but I don’t recall ever seeing the final sculpt there, though - http://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=638&start=120

I really like this one, might be the first AoW I’ve bought in a very long time.

Thanks for posting this, Zanko.


Sweet model for sure.


Seems very nice, would like to see this model on the battlefields. I know a couple of lizardmen fans who’d go nuts for such a fine hero model.

Da Crusha:

Its a nice model but doesn’t fit well into the lizardmen army in my opinion. looks more like a cold one.


Godzilla has got a giant hammer run for your lives,great looking model :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Da Crusha: I thought that too.

Thommy H: Again, I thought the head looked very/suitably dinosaur-ific (new word, W00t!) and love it!

I doubt I’ll get it, but it’s a sweet model for sure!