[Archive] new army building


hey guys, I’m new around here and am going to lash out on a LoA army.

starting around 2500 points then adding to it depending on what play style i like. the initial list is based around the chaos dwarf artillery and shooting. once ive got this up and running i’ll start mixing the list up a bit by adding bull centaurs and kdaii etc.

but to start id like some feed back on my base list. thanks a lot

sorcerer prophet, lvl4, hushut, chalice, talisman of preservation, charmed shield

demon smith, lvl2, death, dispel scroll, enchanted shield, other tricksters shard, dragon bane gem.

dark castellan, bsb, mask of the furnace, iron curse icon

khan, wolf, light armour, shield, tormentor sword

khan, wolf light armour, shield, warrior bane (magic weapons to help deal with ethereals)

10 x infernal guard, standard bearer and musician (prophet and demonsmith go in here. deployed behind blunderbuss screen)

29 x infernal guard, standard bearer and musician, banner of swiftness, blunderbuss (castellan in here deployed 15 wide)

20 x hobgoblins standard bearer and musician, bows, shields (one khan in here to pop out and redirect, bash chaff)

20 x hobgoblins standard bearer and musician, bows, shields (one khan in here to pop out and redirect, bash chaff)

magma cannon

death shrieker



what do think ?

cheers guys


First things first, welcome to the stunted side of chaos :cheers

I like the list the only thing i would make sure you do with the Wizard Bunker unit is place a wizard on each end and keep them within 3"/6" inches of your war machines for the re-rolls.

I assume you will be using the Hell Cannons to hold down the flanks. Maybe consider placing your deathshrieker/magma cannon next to one of them and have your deamonsmith baby sit them while your Prophet in the bunker babysits the other or some other similar configuration.

I love lore of death but it may be worth considering lore of fire for the deamonsmith for fireball and flamming sword/fire cage. The former is an awesome chaff clearer while the latters have great synergy with ziggurat (castle in dwarf terms) style lists. Flamming sword is awesome when place on war machines (especially deathshriekers) and fire cage lets you pin most units in place for added long range punishment.

For your khans try out the terrifying mask of eee! and shrieking blade the former is great for redirecting and the latter for the magic attacks and what not. Though the best way to deal with ethereals would be making a at least one of your war machines hellbound.