[Archive] New Avatars of War: Corrupters of the Apocalypse



Recently, I purchased the Avatars of War “Corrupters of the Apoc.”

They arrived  quickly and look FANTASTIC.

For any nurgle afficianados, these are some of the best models I’ve seen. They’re resin, and forge world level sculpts/ details.


For anyone curious, I’ve attached some pictures.

  (sorry for the quality of pics)

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Never really liked nurgle but I could warm to these guys with these models.


These look fantastic, I love the affordable resin minis these guys are doing, You can really get some amazing looking models this way.

Im sure if Felix is watching this thread, You could do a mini kickstarter with this very community to fund a unit of Apocdwarfs.

Da Crusha:

very cool nurgle warriors. they look much better than I thought they would.


Interesting how they have been done with top and bottom halves separate, but together.

Kera foehunter:

mmmmm they look ok nurgle are not my favorite


These look really good, I’m not planning any new armies for right now but if i did I think these may make it in there.

I hope that GW don’t come down on these with IP infringement shenanigans, the ones with the one horn sprouting from the centre of the forehead are worryingly close to the knuckle.




Hate the heads on most of them, but the bodies are ace.

I’m planning to buy a unit or two of the regular guys when they come back in stock (which should be soon apparently), also one box of these guys.