[Archive] New CD looking for spare models



I’m new to CD and am on the hunt for any extra Big Hats you guys might have. I have stuff to trade from Empire, Wood Elves, Lizardmen, Nids, Eldar, BFG, Blood Bowl, WarMechine(Khador) or I have cash.

Thanks for looking!



I have a bunch of Painted Hat Warriors, I also have an unpainted Hat Death Rocket.

And I just aquired a Great Taurus… I don’t really need my Hat stuff anymore. I don’t really know what people are willing to pay, however. I don’t really want to trade.


I have found everything I need to complete my army except for Hobgoblin Commands. If you have any for sale/trade let me know.




I have one spare standard bearer and one spare champion, but I’ll only trade for other Chaos dwarfs - as I’m lacking one chaos dwarf standard bearer and one champion (those with pointy hats)


I don't really need my Hat stuff anymore.��I don't really know what people are willing to pay, however.��I don't really want to trade.

Your leaving us to fend for ourselves, Why are you selling the Bightas?

also, I don't have the command, but I have just brought 40 sneaky gits:)