[Archive] New CD Player with mutiple ideas


First time poster and been thinking about doing a chaos dwarf army for a while and felt it was a good time to test my converting skills. The theme is a Tzeentch inspired, dark, mysterious army.

Here are some ideas:

A friend of mine gave me so good tips and I will be using the new Dwarf Miners for the main body, the dwarf longbeard face mask with slight mods to them, mortal chaos weapons for weapons with the gloves attached and connected to dwarf miner arms.

Instead of Hobgoblin models is to use the new Empire Flaggelants as slaves with chains connected to each of them that are on them same regimental base

Use a Hellcannon as an Earthshaker (simple enough)

To stick with the Tzeentch theme, use the Limited Edition German Tzeentch Disc from the Box set as a Lamasue(spelling?)

Using lots of blacks, golds, purples, blues, and dark metals for paint ideas

Any advice


Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you have quite a unique idea there, stay well clear of Lamassu though, they’re terrible in the game.

Pyro Stick:

Sounds awesome. Cany wait for pics when you start. And dont listen to Hal. The lamassu may be terrible but i think its still a cool model.


chaos dwarf armies dedicated to 1 of the 4 main powers always look really cool. good luck with it.


This sounds seriously cool. Just look at this guy:


And dont listen to Hal. The lamassu may be terrible but i think its still a cool model.
Haha, you're right Pyro.
Gaming ability shouldn't take anything away from themed armies, although one could use a lamassu to represent a great taurus.


Just saw something shiny that could make a cool, Lamassu, or Tzeentch Taurus



Whats this limited edition disc of tzeentch? May i have a picture please?:rolleyes:


Here’s an attached file of it. What makes the lord different is pretty clear but with the disk itself it is all flat and it has cool symbols sculpted all on it, it very nice.


i never saw that disk its really cool tho

i dont think a dragon would work as everyone would just expect it to be a dragon, but would make a cool model none the less.

if they look anything like xanders example i cant wait