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Some ideas/scribbles of mine^^


splits from image gallery thread

Kera foehunter:

WOW ! my dream machine the Gotteszon that a cool machin


turquois dwarf:

they look very different from the GW desighns but still very chaos dwarfy! I realy like the onion shaped cannon with the legs.


These are really good. Have you got any rules or fluff for them?

The onion thing, is that a bomb?

I think you should do some detailed studies of blunderbusses. :wink:


Awesome stuff, and I really like the look of your heavy armoured warriors.

Lot’s of cool steampunk ideas in there - and would like to see some of made into actually models - do you have any plans for doing that?


WOW, this is by far the coolest non big hats CDs Ive seen! Id love to see some models based on these… :slight_smile:


Awesome pictures! :hat off

The Chaos Dwarfs reminds me in some aspects of a Predator - really cool!

Many ideas for new minis …


Ammrik Gunrock:

Your take on CD’s is amazing, I especially love the last picture. The sight of those Dwarfs marching on you must be terrifying to behold!


Falkz, your stuff is amazing. The marching dwarfs setting the world on fire are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

I’m not crazy for the first onion-spider damonenmachine, I really cannot get what the hell is it. :slight_smile:

Scorpions are nice but I’m not crazy for them…

The Hellcannon-demonmaschine is really nice and very well drawn… my compliments for details and “cleanliness”.

I really, really like the phalanx in pic 5, the perspective is really well executed, nice fading effect to increase the 3d effect.

Nice weapons too, I’m just not found for terminator style hemets…

But the best is in pic 3. I love your mortars-daemonmaschines… you even decribed the loading procedure… even the rocks on the ground increase the dramatic effect… I love the originality of your warmachines…

If only GW watched our website to see the potential of Chaos Dwarfs as an army… :expressionless:


The one in colour would make a great army book cover



Many, many thanks to all of you!!!^^

Will post some more pics today…

As an explanation: I never had any gw-army.

I only read every white dwarf since the first german issue.

…will write down some of my thougts later^^…

Thanks again…

Kera foehunter:

i like that one to falkz how long doe it take to do a cool artwork for you


Very awsome pictures mate!


very well drawn, and the colouring on the marching one is really good. If i have 1 thing im not too sure about is your dwarfs dont look fat (or do they prefer bulky?) enough, or possibly too long legged. They seem differently proportioned from a warhammer dwarf, more like the proportions of a LOTR dwarf.

I also dont speak very good german, schwarzblut = black blood? i honestly dont have a clue and would like translations and possibly a couple of paragraphs on your idea of what each warmachine is and its purpose, crew etc.


Thanks to alle the comments!

@Kera foehunter

"i like that one to falkz how long doe it take to do a cool artwork for you"

Last pic i dit… (you will see it nearly into the future)… don´t know… maybe 16 or 17 hours? The scribbles doesn´t need that long…^^

Something about me:

I don´t have any wh-army and I never made any figure… I only read everything about wh and wh40k… and I never played wh… :confused:

so I don´t have any rules for my pictures, only some ideas…

The Chaos Dwarf did bound the daemonic Souls of their greatest heros after their death in metalbodies… and every ChaosDwarf wear a mask, so they can hide their shame after the fall… but in their perverted culture, it becomes important what the mask is shown… the richer or more important the dwarf, the more detailed the mask…

The Style: Inspired by the hellcanon, I´m a fan of the new style of the ChaosDwarfs… but even I missed the babylonien-style…

So I thought about creating some Dwarfs in a mix of that…


Looking at those pictures makes me more and more convinced that CD’s speak German :wink:


picture 1: Bestrafer = castigator (the onion thing :slight_smile: )

I thought about something like a monstrious tick or a jellyfish… no direct effekt in the game, not very good in fight, bout it makes a terrible noize, bring down the enimies, keep their ears shut, losing moral… maybe some kind of magic attack?!?

picture 2: Jagdkriecher = hunting creeper

…with some dwarf watchers, they hunting slaves for money in Tzorn Uzkul…

picture 3: a new variety of the good old tremorcannon… like the idea of mortar-like cannon-bug…

picture 4: Gotteszorn = God´s anger

…a daemonic forebear, bound in a crab-like-machine, riden by a magician and his two guards… hard!!!

picture 5: Aufseher = warden

The warden of the ChaosDwarf-mines…

picture 6: Saltus Schwarzblut = Saltus Blackblood

A Charactermodell, riding a daemonic forebear machine…

new picture 7: Tremow Brudertod = Tremow Death-of-Brother (???)

Another Character, hating normal dwarfs…

new picture 8: Augen des Zorns = eyes of anger

Flying daemonic forebear machines, flying on the winds of magic, searching the land for slaves very coward, hunting with their intern spear thrower from far away…

…I´m sure not everyone likes it, but I don´t only want another army with normal Monster (another flying horse/lion/bull/whatever…

Mattbird ask me to do a cover, I did my best to not only put in my style of Dwarfs, to do more normal ChaosDwarfish ö.�-

…you will see…

Thanks for all the comments…^^


thanks for the translations and extra pictures :slight_smile:


Something more… :s