[Archive] New Clanrats = Hobbo Conversions!


-2 Hobgoblins completed-

:idea I have recently begun converting 2 units of hobgoblins made entirely from the new clanrat/skavenslave boxset, and nightgoblin heads.

It’s way easier than it looks, as long as you can scrape plastic well. I am convinced these are the best way to currently make the most realistic and 7th edition styled hobbos with current GW parts. The are the perfect proportions for a 7th ed. hobbo, and have hunched backs and lots of sneaky daggers!

DETAILS: The new clanrat box comes with 2 sprues, with 10 clanrats on each sprue. It quickly became apparent to me that 1 sprue consists of ratmen with light armour while the other sprue, consists of skaven slaves, mostly in shackles, and scantily clad, with NO armour. This is perfect to make 10 hobgoblin warriors with light armour (which you can give shields and even spears!)… and then 10 naked hobgoblins (which you can give awesome sneaky daggers!). The naked hobbos make perfect “rabble” on the new unofficial GT list.


Step #1) Cut off the tail, and CAREFULLY cut off the tail parts that attach to the leg (this can be very fragile/tricky). Then shave down the stump where the tail touches his pants or bare bottom, so that he has a smooth tailless butt! (also remove the rest of the mold-lines)

Step #2) Cut off the skaven head with a pair of clippers, and make sure you leave most of the hood/robes around the neck, in tact. Shave this new open area mostly flat.

Step #3) Shave off the hair on the legs and the arms, so that he has hairless arms and legs. Unless you want a furry hobbo. Remove any back hair as well (some have backhair mohawks).

Step #4) Cut off a Night Goblin head, and remove where the hood attaches under the neck… Smooth down the head piece so that it is only the gobbos head with hood. Then glue the head into the area where the skaven head was… (this may take some greenstuff, to make sure it sits in the right place.)

Step #5) Glue feet to the base.

Step #6) With “GreenStuff” begin sculpting the neck area… then add the hood-HAT flaps… and then add a little bit of hood-hat flap to the back (to fill any gaps between the head and back). It is important to [/u][/b] glue the weapon arm, or any shields on, before sculpting on the neck & hat flaps.

[/b] Glue on the weapon arm, and any shields/accessories you wish to add. Make sure you have already shaved the hairy fur off the weapon arm, and the shield arm.


It will be interesting to see how this compares to Warh’s version.

What shields do you think you will use?


for the shielded ones, i’m looking at dwarf shields without the icons… mixed with the blank round shields on the skaven sprue (theirs only like 3 but still).

Mine’s a little different than warh’s… the heads come BFSP nightgobs, and therefore required some GS to form into a hat… there are some other subtle differences too. You’ll see soon.

I’ve even almost finished painting some of them at this point.

I can’t upload the pics today, but tomorrow (friday) they will be here.

Kera foehunter:

Can’t wait to see pictures !!!

btw welcome back che !!


sounds good,pics please!!!


Thanks Kera, I know I haven’t been here in a while… I’ve been working on nurgle 40k armies and showing them at papanurgle.com …and busy working on my new music at myspace.com/coloringbookmusic

Sorry for the delay on the pics, I am having some camera issues, I will try to have them up tomorrow.

Some hobbos are already almost finished being painted!


Here is what a complete Hobgoblin Rabble looks like using my technique described above!

Check out the pics of the whole unit (and the warrior clanrat-turned-hobbos too!) on my new blog.


Looks great! :slight_smile:

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Hashut’s Blessing:

One way to improve this tutorial (if you have any left to make) is to take pictures of each step so that people can see as well as read what you’re explaining.


cool conversion

easy to do and good looking

like it


Only problem with taking pictures of the steps is that they are all already built and basecoated!

If I make another unit, I will definitely take pics along the way…


Not bad at all for a conversion. I too would be interested to see the before painted photos.


you have right, thats the coolest hobgoblin i’ve seen! question: wich colours have you used for the skin? orchideshade to goblingreen with develan mud wash?


just goblin green and green wash, and then some dabbles of snot green, and barely any highlights of something lighter (can’t remember)


Just thought I would chip in and say I really love these guys! I see exactly what you mean by the hunched back, they look perfect :slight_smile: If I ever think of adding some hobgoblins to my own army (way in the future) I will have to use this idea. Looking forward to more from you Che :hat off


Nice to see a another good use of the rats, have to pop over to the log link to check these out a bit closer.


When I saw the thread title I thought, ‘Wot?!’ but then I saw the pics and it made perfect sense :slight_smile:

I’d try and accentuate the hunched back a bit more, but looks cool overall. Would fit nicely next to Plague Monk Sneaky Gits :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

great job Che i have to steal this idea of your!

Uzkul Werit:

Wow. They actually look pretty tidy.