[Archive] New Daemonic Rules?


Hello all. Obligatory thanks, as always, for everyone’s efforts on keeping our favorite evil stunties alive…and apologies in advance if I have missed this elsewhere on the forums. With the recent release of Daemons of Chaos and the new rules for Instability as well as Daemonic attacks now being magical, how will this affect our K’daai, or will it not? With already having to roll to see if we take unsaveable wounds ourselves, it wouldn’t make intuitive sense that we get double whammyed(though some would argue that we should) but do the K’daai’s attacks now count as magical? Should they? Thoughts?

Thommy H:

K’daai don’t have the Daemonic rule that encompasses any of those things. Rules don’t transfer between armies that way. If you want an explanation, the binding rituals used to create K’daai mean they don’t have the same strengths/vulnerabilities as regular, unbound Daemons. Same deal with the daemonic units in Storm of Magic or the daemonic mounts in the Warriors of Chaos book, released only a month before Warhammer: Daemons of Chaos. You use the rules in the relevant unit entry in the relevant book only.


Thanks. wasn’t sure, and then of course just because GW does something doesn’t mean mean FW will. But thanks again for clarifying. It would be nice if the K’daai’s attacks were also magical. It’s so underpowered…lol


The main rule is the Army book overrules, So till we hear about a new revised book that has this or an FAQ they will remain the same.