[Archive] new dark eldar!?


and from the dark eldar wikipedia page i quote:

"After the fourth edition update of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook in 2004, no new army book has been published. However, the new army codex (for Dark Eldar) is expected to be released in 2008-09, along with a batch of new miniatures."

is this true? i peed myself when i read this!

Pyro Stick:

Hopefully it is true. Dark Eldar are in desperate need of some revised models. They are the lamest looking army in 40k imo and i cant believe the amount of people tha tactually collect them around where i live.

Ghrask Dragh:

I think Dark Eldar are one of those armies that could be soooo cool if they had decent miniatures, I mean evil eldar with reaver jetbikes, faces of their dead victims strapped to their helms, scourges and hellions, come on!!

I never really liked the hemolucus(?!!) things, the incubi never really looked like elites imo. It would be good to get some new Dark Eldar stuff.


they are a seriously effective and deadly army if used properly. i think the fact that they had really flimsy and fragile plastics put a lot of people off, and some of the metals could be a hell of a lot better.


I was under the impression that they were getting rid of the Dark Eldar completely.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Definitely not. Actually Dark Eldar are very high on the reworking-list and what I read in rumours on other forums was that Jervis Johnson revealed that Jes Goodwin is already working on the redesign of the miniatures.


It’s all about the look. There is not a single mini in their entire range that I would like to paint, so I have never bothered with them. A new range is a must IMO.


How old is the current range? I think its the only army they havnt touch since I started with GW

Lord Zarkov:

I was the First or Second army out in 3rd (when It was new) and all the models date from them.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Yes they must be some 8-9 years old by now. The DE were brand-new when I started with 40k back in 1999, IIRC.


Pffffftttt! Namby Pamby Dark Eldar… When my Space Marines take the field against them its as simple as this: “Dark Eldar meet bolters, bolters meet Dark Eldar”. Count VP any another win is in teh bag.

Lord Zarkov:

“Dark Eldar, simultaniously the best and worst army in 40K”


Dark eldar is a evil army. As amarine player I fear them very much. They eat power armour like I eat crisp, very easy and very much! The rules are awsome but I agree with many others, new miniatures are needed. But it do seems like GW is finally doing the army and thats great. Only thing I dont like about DE is there background. Raiding is not a threat as tyranids, chaos and other xenos put up with so that makes thema little bit silly.

Ghrask Dragh:

The pirate theme is pretty cool, but as you said when compared to tyranids or orks they are just inferior.

What about mutations, yes or no?

What ‘theme’ should they have? what threat to humanity (aka. the emperor) should they pose?


well admittedly if they do remake the range. i prolly wouldnt pic it up as im not a victim to “new and shiny” syndrom. however lore and role wise. they are among the coolest armies in 40k (second only to CSM of course) but like they did to my beloved demon-humping-superhumans they could MAJORLY revamp them into something a little less fragile, like, give the standard unit some sort of weapon that could prove an advantage to a footslogger in any other army.


there 2 things about the dark eldar, 1 good and 1 bad

good - if they revive the dark eldar they will revive the chaos dwarfs for certain

Bad - if they dont, what race will they look at killing of in a weird nuke type explosion or massive squig attack


My main 40k army, not that I play more than a game or two each year but still it´s my main love in 40k. The reason are not the models as you can easily just use minis from other ranges to make it work for you. The real reason is the codex itself, while perfectly playble I´ve ran out of fun things to do with the list. I know how to handla normal Kabal, I know how to handle wych cult, I know how to handle a WWP army etc etc.

From what I´ve heard bout the Dark Kin is a completely new range of minis, army will keep their current style as per rules only brought up to date as well a new unit or two. I just wish I´m still alive when the codex appear :stuck_out_tongue:



im always up for new minis and if anyone needs it, its the dark eldar


i’ve like the DE miniatures for a while now, but i’ve never thought there was enough miniatures for the army as a whole


Since folks have asked, DE where released in late 1998 (Sept-Nov IIRC) off the back of 3rd ed.

While they had a LOT of good ideas, they where somewhat hamstrung by the managemental fiat of the time (which is the source of many things people complain about to this day), and dated quite quickly when the new and much cooler figures started coming through a year later.

Of course, the background is awesome, and they know these days how to do “many-in-one” army lists, so the new Codex should have all the gaming options. Modern figures would then make them a viable and desirable army.