[Archive] New evil dwarf models from Werewoolf Miniatures (Update 10/21 Ranged models finished)


They posted this here on Dakka, and I’ve linked them here to this thread in case they want to post here :slight_smile:

Here is a new miniatures company from Poland. We will make Miniatures and Bits for Sci-fi and Fantasy wargaming.

You can find us on Facebook Werewoolf Miniatures

and Twitter https://twitter.com/WerewoolfMini
Here is a picture of my place of work, Sons of Adramelech: Tartaruk Sparabaras are ready to make molds. Every day we will show you another model and finally we will show complete resinous models. We are waiting for your opinions. Do you like it?

Sculpted by Marcin Szyma�"ski

Sons of Adramelech: Tartaruk Sparabaras
Today is a very hot day, infernal the temperature and I think I know why, all five models Sons of Adramelech: Tartaruk Sparabaras so warm up the atmosfere. Soon we’ll show you detailed pictures of the cast resin models, don’t miss that.
And what you’ve been waiting for, the pic :slight_smile:


They also posted their email as: werewoolfminiatures@gmail.com


5 heads is not enough variety by far, I wonder if that’s all there will be?

Some well sculpted but strangely designed weapons there. Same with the shields.


i’m not sure if I like them, maybe I need to see them assembled and painted.


Wow, not the response I was expecting!

I’m pretty sure they’re intended as stand-ins for Infernal Ironsworn (note his “infernal” comment about the temperature as a hint). Given that FW makes no models for these, I think that’s pretty sweet!

Use Rozmax’s dwarfs for core, these for Infernals… could make a pretty sweet looking force.

Da Crusha:

I like the shields, legs and the non hatted heads. not a fan of the weapons at all.


Despite the weapons they look quite cool imo! :cheers

I would like to see axes and halbards as weapons.

And perhaps some heads with hair - why do only bald-headed guys wear no helmets? :o

Now I want to see them glued and painted! :wink:



I like em, but the weapons are awful!!!

I would consider buying these if it had a great weapon option.


ohhhh!! moar evil dwarfs, moar!!!

me likes them as separated conversion pieces, and I’ll probably adore them as fully assembled minis!!


Apparently I’m the only one who likes the crazy weird weapons on these? And I’d looooooooooove to make an army out of models like this, but they wouldn’t fit at all in with the conversions that I’ve already got :frowning:


I like a lot of the bits I’m seeing here.

The weapons are exotic and contrast with the bare design of most other chaos dwarf arms but this is not necessarily a bad thing as they would look good in the hands of a more opulent Dawi Zharr.

The shields seem a tad oversized but I see they’re intended to be used similarly to a modern riot shield and would mostly be used to push the opponent back.

The bits that bother me a bit is the scale “skirts” and the hatted heads.

I think, however seeing as these are resin I might get a set and sculpt new bits for the stuff I don’t like.

Alternatively I could use some Avatars of War bits or the aforementioned brilliant Rosmax sculpts.


Those weapons and shields puts the Chaos into the Chaos Dwarfs. Interesting miniatures. I’ll wait for painted and assembled versions, since some parts are top-notch sculpts whilst others seem more dodgy.


Personally I think this set would have been better with head/torso sculpted together and double the number.


@Grimstonefire: Agreed.


They look a bit derivative of the 6th ed plastic dwarfs mixed with the newer FW CDs. I like them, but the weapons are just too weird. I’d prefer a plain and boring axe over them.


Well, weapon swaps are an easy change :slight_smile: but how many hand weapon shield dwarf options can we get until someone makes a great weapon version!

Personally, I like the shields because they’re different. Overall, I think it’s a bit of a unique take on things and could add some nice variety to a CD army, or be fielded as a unit of infernal guard. Those could definitely be enscorcelled (sp?) weapons, imo.


There are already great weapon CDs: Royal Guards & Command


Great point, sorry about that :slight_smile: (I have seen those before, of course, and quite like them!)

But there are a lot more hand weapon / shield dwarfs available, and while these do fall into that category, they are much more suitable for infernal guard than for normal troops, I think.


Very cool. I’d love some of these to give my own spin on for Ironsworn! When will these be on sale?


I’ve asked that very question on the Dakka thread, will update here if they post when!


Funnily enough I like the fact the heads are separate because that’s something I’m more interested in.

Really not sure about the torsos. But the legs I could do something with.