[Archive] New Forge World Khorne Daemon Prince!



Yay, more Fantasy Forge World models! At 40 pounds, it’s a bit pricey though! I think it looks brilliant though. :slight_smile:



I doubt they made that because it also happens to be fantasy :wink: Hence the round base. They don’t seem keen on fantasy at all.

I like the herald, but there is something about the DP that doesn’t quite seem right to me…?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Since all the daemons work equally with 40k and fantasy I’m quite sure this one will also come with a square base. I kinda like it. The herald is not overly impressive, though. He’s supposed to be a hero of the daemons, after all.


Needz moar skullz?

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Kera foehunter:

wow !! great find xander look great


Hoh, they look really evil… :slight_smile:


Very nice!


So far we’ve had

Khornate Daemonic Herald

Khornate Daemon Prince

Khornate Greater Daemon

Slaaneshi Greater Daemon

Nurglesque Daemonic Herald

Nurglesque Daemon Prince

Nurglesque Greater Daemon

The last Tzeentchian thing I saw was a barely-detailed preview of a Greater Daemon. WHY DO THEY NEGLECT THE CHANGER OF WAYS? :frowning:


Why do they neglect the changer of ways? They probably keep changing their mind on what the models should look like :wink: :wink:

That is actually a model I would buy… hmmm, how do I justify splurging on a khornate DP…


I dissagree, it is too skinny. Even the plastic daemonprince from GW looks more khornate. As a khornate player i can safely say that that is something i would never buy.

And btw, as daemons in fantasy has wings i think that this daemonprince is originaly intended for 40k, but they can’t stop you from using them in whfb.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

The Herald is dissapointing I was expecting something a lot more distinctive as for the DP is it just me or does it not look like it was made from GW?


A bit pricey but the figures themselves are nice. I don’t mind the fact that the herald is not too over the top.

Kera foehunter:

like wallacer said a bit pricey but all the stuff i seen from Forge world is nice thow !!