[Archive] new high elf dragon


Picture of new plastic high elf dragon. Please email me Im in need of painting / conversion work. thanks Orclord Heres my photo bucket for more pictures . www.jlminiatures.com http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j169/orclord1_2006/

Knight Of Awsome:

uh try this link for the photobucket


nice work:cheers


I think the gold needs a little more highlighting. Or maybe a combination of deeper shading and highlighting?

Otherwise a good effort. You’ve done the skin tones well.


The overall colours are very nice but I think the deatail is lost in the photos.


looks good. better then my painting at least. although i sometimes tell myself i deserve a golden demon sigh oh well :frowning:

Kera foehunter:

great colors !! :o:o:oi like how there go good together:hat off


gw did a amazing jop to make it plastic