[Archive] New Hobbit Dwarfs?


Anyone get the GW thing in the email today? What do you all think about the new dwarfs? I know they are smaller than the WH range, but I could see them having some use in a CD army maybe.


Thommy H:

We already have a thread about this exact topic.

Kera foehunter:

Kera kicks thommy in the shins  Be nice to him thommy he a new guy. that’s his 4th post .
evil hill gnomes  or young chaos dwarf in a hunting party would work


lol my bad, I checked all “new topics” for it before I posted and didnt see anything so I thought I was safe. I guess I’ll see whats going on in that thread then lol. @kera thanks for replying regardless lol


To be fair the other topic has a rather non-descriptive title and is in an odd section of the forums!

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hobbitses is hobgoblin food (and so is vanilla dwarfs). do we still have a culinary section anymore?