[Archive] new hobgoblin record!


My unit of hogboblins was allmost killed when i played my last game aigenst goblins, there was only five left (inc command group) and they manage to score 6 wounds on a giant!, i’ll never leave home without my Hobbgobbs!

i won that match :cheers

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome going!

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Alan the evil:

some month ago my unit of 20 naked hobbos was charged from a unit of marauders on horses: they win; reach the flee of maraduers and destroy them; with the same movement reach another unit of hounds on flee and destroy them; following turn charge a unit of WoC with sorcerer of nurgle killing him; they lost that combat and flee of 12’’; they were rally when they were still more than half taking even a quarter of table…

trust hobbos!! they rock


During a battle against puny elves (High Elves) my unit of 10 naked hobgobbos was charged by a great eagle, she killed nothing and they manahged to butcher her… not impressive like other people’s scores but this was against puny elves… ehehehe :hat offhobgoblins rock!


alright, so confirmation that hobgob’s are not just for screening they can be even more useful should hashuts whims ever so burn in that direction.

Congrats on the excellent performances of those wretched 'lil gits.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I can’t wait to go up against my Warhammer player. He has Wood Elves and I am using CD’s. Thanx for the input on the Hob-goblins. It just gives me more things to look forward to! :smiley:


Hobgobs are great. They’re pretty much the same as humans but are cheaper (in points at least).

You’ll be telling that story about killing the giant for the rest of your life I bet :cheers

Tarrakk Blackhand:

…or until he kills something bigger!

Kera foehunter:

the good ting about that is there hobgoblins

you can get them by the ton


i think hobbos with torced would be nice (considering how much we hate elves


I had a unit of Sneaky Gits charge and beat a unit consisting of 2 bloodletters and a Herald of Khorne on Juggernauts a few mouths back. It took them a while to do it, but hey, it doesn’t matter