[Archive] New idea for Earthshaker


Whilst I have my ‘stand in’ Hellcannon for the moment, I was thinking last night that with a lot of work this could feasibly be an Earthshaker

For anyone who’s curious its a US M198 Howitzer.

I was thinking of trying to have it like an immense walker that’s lying down, so its nice and squat looking.

I know just to look at it, it may seem way too 40k, but with a bit of work bringing it back to fantasy it might just work IMO.

Here is another reference, but its not close enough to what I have in mind.



Like this?

Kera foehunter:

Hey grims . What about somethink like this

Uzkul Werit:

Someone HOH did a Howitzer style Death Rocket which reminds me very much of this. If you downgraded it somewhat, the Basilisk turret could work.


im making mine by strapping 3 cannons together.


im making mine by strapping 3 cannons together.

That sounds good(loud) a true bringer of quakes
I thought the pic was of a german88 for a second looks like not much changed in basic design since then that 198 looks very similar at first glance just bigger:hat


Check out forgeworld, there are some nice artillery pieces on there which could work well as 'Shakers