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I was watching pawnstars when they were firing a gatling gun and i thought it would be awesome to have a chaos dwarf gatling gun sence chaos dwarfs are infamous for there machinery. so i came up with these rules. please post any complaments or suggestions about this list and after a while i while upgrade it. thank you :cheers


I think its too costly. That just my off the top comment.


how much should it cost then?


sounds like a good idea IMO, but I would use it separtely like a warmachine…not in a unit, maybe on the flanks as a deterent to warmachine hunters, light troops, etc. JMO , but I would price it between 125-150  points…any opinions.


it was suppose to be based on the ratling gun from skaven


It seems ok… Probably say 60-80 points tbh.

It isn’t amazing;

multiple shots means it is hitting on 5s minimum,

can blow up the unit,

& is unit type unique… Meaning it can be picked out with warmachines.


well i didnt want it to be over kill so its imposibol to kill


If you made it more like the Iron Daemon’s Cannonade, that would be interesting.

Hellbound as well, for fluffiness.