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Groznit Goregut:

So, I�?Tve been thinking about how I would revamp the CD magic list. I looked at other army books to get a better idea of what they have and point costs. I’m not sure if this the best place to put it. I posted in the main forum and got no response. Here is how I would revamp our magic list:

Black Hammer of Hashut: The only thing that I would change would be to make this a flaming attack. I think it was suppose to be, but they just didn�?Tt want to take up more room. Why else would it kill flammable targets? If it were redone, I suspect that the cost would get more expensive, but I wouldn�?Tt change it.

Obsidian Blade: I think this needs to be reduced in cost. Maybe brought to 35-45 pts? It is pretty powerful, but you still need to wound with it to make it affective. Allowing a hero to carry it is important.

Dark Mace of Death: This weapon needs to change somehow. It�?Ts too expensive at 100 pts and the �?oonce per battle�?� is too limiting. There is an Empire weapon that allows you to forgo your normal attacks to make one swing. If you hit, you try to wound at S 10. If you wound, you cause d6 wounds. It�?Ts only 60pts. That sounds much better than what we have. The ability to affect multiple models, though, is good. No armor save is very good. Maybe bring the item down to 60 pts, allow you use it as much as you want, but maybe you still have to wound the targets? They get no armor save, so S 10 isn�?Tt really needed. Make it S6 or S7? So, you use it, then you roll for how many hits on the target, and then roll to see if all of those wound. It�?Ts not as crazy powerful as it was, but it�?Ts reduced in points so that someone might actually take it. Also, you can use it as much as you want. Or do you think it would be better to have one attempt at causing damage and then it does d3 wounds?

Armor of Gazrakh: The Empire gets this item for only 25 pts. Why can�?Tt chaos dwarfs make it for less?

Armor of the Furnace: I say leave it as it is. Maybe check other army books more to see if it needs to be reduced in cost. I often see armor items pretty cheap.

Talisman of Obsidian: This could be a great item, but as it is, it just sucks. It�?Ts nowhere near as powerful as it should be for 100 pts. I recommend making it more powerful and reducing the cost. Make it a 50 pt item (to allow a hero to carry it). The wearer and unit he/she is in cannot be affected by spells or magic items. The unit that is touched by this character cannot be affected by spells or magic items. This would make the item incredibly useful! A bull centaur hero with this could cause a lot of damage. I can even see that this item could give a bonus against undead and demon forces. The Talisman helps weaken the grip of undead and demons that face off against this unit. Each unit of one of these types that is touched by the Talisman suffers a -1 or -2 CR each round of combat. I�?Tm not sure if that�?Ts too much, but it�?Ts really cool (in my opinion).

Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel: This item can stay. I don�?Tt really like it, unless used by a hobgoblin. Dwarfs are too expensive to waste.

Black Gem of Gnar: This item is fine. Too bad it�?Ts one use only, though.

Chalice of Darkness: I think this item rocks. As is.

Banner of Slavery: It may seem expensive, but it allows all your greenskin units to re-roll any failed psychology!?!? Any fear tests, any terror test, any panic tests. I�?Td love to have this banner in my OnG army! It�?Ts well worth 50 pts, especially for a Greenskin heavy army. With a Ld 10 general around, I don�?Tt see anyone failing their checks often, but this ensures that they stand and do their job!

What other magic items would be needed for CD? I think a lot. I think CD items would be more about taking things away (reducing, restricting, or removing) stuff from the enemy as opposed to giving benefits. Does that make sense?


-I could see things that increase Strength.

-I can also see things that get rid of armor saves. It fits with a few -other items.

-What about an item that is magic and just reduces the armor save by -2 or -3 (like the goblin sneaky skewer)?

-Or an item that adds first strike? A lot of room for additions here.


-A few more options would be nice.

-Having something that would allow casters to wear and cast spells would be nice.

-Shield that takes away Always Strikes First from a target.

-Some sort of armor that stops impact hits and doesn�?Tt count the opposing unit has having charged.


-More ward saves!

-Something to add +1 to casting

-Bound items that have fire attacks would be flavorful.

-Bound item that allows Crown of Taidron. A very specific spell that could be used by a specialized unit. A lord choice on flying terror causer can fly into the middle of an enemy army and use this. Or even a hobgoblin hero or bull centaur hero rushing among the enemy. It�?Ts a cool spell that never gets used, but has potential.

-Skull of Despair (bound item): Target unit receives -3 to base Ld for one turn.

-Something that unmakes enemy magic items would be appropriate. They are master artificers and can most likely de-construct something.


-Having one that gave first strike would be nice.

-A banner that gives +1 to hit with missile weapons, including blunderbusses, would be cool.

-One that makes a unit stubborn.

-One that causes fear?

-Banner of Darkness: -1 to hit this unit with missile weapons

-Banner of Despair: enemy units in combat with this unit receive a -3 to their base Ld (either this or Skull of Despair)

-Dwarf Only Banner that gives +d6 charge bonus or a free, once per game, movement turn in the magic phase (that allows charges). This might actually see dwarf units charging!

-Banner of the Shadow Realm: turns a unit ethereal. This maybe a high point item that only a BSB can take.


I like those ideas. I thought about this when I first looked over the magic Items. I hope you don’t mind if I add my own ideas.

Banner of the Forge Warriors One use only 100 points?

Once the secret Brotherhood of the forge unlocked

the secret of remaining invisible. Though the armour

they wore is long lost the banner that they bore still

remains with the Chaos Dwarfs.

In the players movement phase, but before any models

have been moved declare this banner is being used. The

banner makes the unit it is in immune to all magical attacks.

The effects last until the end of the Close Combat phase in the

next turn

In addition, due to the fury of the Brotherhood Chaos fury

the unit may charge an extra D6"


great work Groznit Goregut and Scion like your ideas , how about this for another one

Armour of the immortals

The armour of the immortals is formed by combining Gromril, hammered together with foul incantations and hung with slabs of obsidian and marble, this provides the wearer with protection not only against standard attack but also the foul magic�?Ts of the enemies.

The armour of the immortals provides a 3+ armour save which can be combined with other items as normal in addition it grants the wearer magic resistance 2

45 Points


Cool I like it. Though the magic resistance could be decreased to 1.

Alan the evil:

Something like:

Gemstone of petrified sorcerer (arcane) 45 pt.

Gemstone may be used each time the model who carries it suffers a wound.

Gemstone gives 4+ save ward.

If the models save a single wound at the end of turn gemstone is destroyed.

The wearer of gemstone now is affected from the curse of petrified sorcerer.

Curse give a 4+ armour save that cannot be modified from attacks strenght but can be denied from attacks that not allowe armour save.

Who is affected from the curse of petrified sorcerer has -1 to hit and +1 to be hitted from ememies in hand to hand combat.

Groznit Goregut:

Wow…someone actually posted to this thread? I started it 2 months ago and not a single person made a comment. I was a bit frustrated. I’m glad that someone found it a good read.

I like those ideas. I still think we should have something that would be good to counter against Ogres, as they are our neighbors.

Alan the evil:

Just because we need some time to think about!!
(Or maybe because I miss this thred 2 months ago;))

I always thought  how to improve obsidian items…
I thought something so:

Obsidian blade (magic weapon)70 pt:
+1 strenght. Against any model who carry magic items, could cast spells or has got magic resistance, it double up strenght instead. Units that carry magic standard don’t give double strenght bonus.

Talisman of obsidain (talisman) 60 pt:
Wearer of talisman and unit he/she is in has got magic resistance (2) and they cannot cast spells ore use enchanted items, arcane, talisman other than talisman of obsidian or magic standard. Wearer cannot be wound by magic weapons. Enemy models in contact with the wearer of talisman and unit he/she is in cannot cast spells ore use enchanted items, arcane, talisman or magic standard.


My thoughts on this topic should be clear.