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Welcome to Chaos Dwarfs Online!

Mission Statement: So long as the popularity of Warhammer continues, a source is needed for the Chaos Dwarf army to keep pace. Chaos Dwarfs Online provides a community with a forum for members to learn about, inform others about, contribute to, and evolve the Chaos Dwarf army in a welcoming and open minded environment. Chaos Dwarf generals, old and new, can unite under a common banner that Chaos Dwarfs Online is happy to provide.

Hopefully having found your way here you will take some time to read through the following.


#1 Forum Rules

Your first place to visit should be the Forum Rules. It is very important that you read these at some point to know what is expected of you, and what you can expect from the staff. Because of the diverse range of people out there some of you may have come from other wargame forums, to some of you this may be your first forum. Wherever you have come from the standard we expect from you all is the same.

CDO in my experience is not like many other wargame forums. We are fortunate in having a friendly group of members that (mostly) stay by the rules without any problems, but because of this we have come to expect that this friendliness can be maintained. So excessive swearing, offensive comments to fellow members or inappropriate posting will not be tolerated, they are unnecessary.

#2 Introductions Thread

Having religiously studied the rules (;)) you are now free to be let loose on the forum. It might be an idea to say hi to everyone in the Introductions thread.

#3 Forum Information Threads

Having read the main rules and said hi to everyone, you will no doubt be eager to unleash your hellish visions of the Chaos Dwarfs upon us all (we do like well painted things as well :D). If you are new to forums it may be worth reading the User Guide for Beardlings I’ve put together (see attachment below). This includes information on:

  • Using the forum system:

    - Formatting of text, using quotes and other
  • How to access User CP

Other threads you may find useful for learning about CDO:

Medals and Slaves

CDO Competitions

CDO Projects

#4 Frequently Asked Questions

It is inevitable that certain questions will arise on a forum with many new members. Much as the questions themselves may be valid, it is often easier to just direct people to a FAQ thread instead. Check out these threads as well:

Looking for the rules to play CD?

Thinking of making an Army Blog?

#5 The Site

The main site contains the best that CDO has to offer, including all the Word of Hashut online magazines and Chaos Dwarf Radio Podcasts, and loads of inspirational miniature photos.

#6 The Wiki

The CDO Wiki contains a huge amount of information that anyone interested in the historical development of the Chaos Dwarf (both as an army and fluffwise) should definately read. Note that you have to be logged in to edit this, and we have people who regularly edit pages for accurate referencing. So feel free to add something, but do it right! :wink:

#7 The Twitter page

The Twitter page is a great way to stay in touch with all the latest CD news.

#8 Didn’t recieve the “Account Activation Email”

It’s a known problem by the Staff, that some people don’t recieve the activation email when setting up a CDO account and the IT-gurus are unable to find the problem. If you didn’t recieve your account activation email you can:

Ask CDO on Facebook, is not run by CDO admins or moderators, but we are present there. Or send an email to Admin Bloodbeard on Blodskaeg [elephant-A] gmail

If any of the information in this Introductions and Forum information section is inadequate, why not suggest some changes here?