[Archive] new non gw cd models?

Da Crusha:


I have never seen these before, has anybody else? I cant read what it says in… italian?


They have been up on eBay for some time, now - but a great idea to bring them to everybody’s attention.

The picture is really bad to actually see how they are - would really like to see some close up’s of these.

About the italian text - just scroll down a bit - but nothing about what they are - just text about terms and payment.


More or less English and Italian tells exactly the same,

nani (dwarfs) balestrieri (crossbowmen).


Cool looking models, great to see some new stuff :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

Neat, although they look like they’d fit in better with my dwarfs than with my Dawi Zharr.


I had a chat with the sculptor of these: Francesco Pizzo. It seems like he did them a few years ago - when he ran a small company called ‘Cyclopes forge’. He sold it to another company called: ‘Arcadia Miniatures’. I’ve never heard of it - and cant find any information about them, but according to Francesco the idea is to do a small line of Chaos Dwarfs casted in resin. He mentioned warriors, scouts, hero, mage and priest.

And a few facts about these Crossbowmen. They are 28mm scaled. Casted in white metal. Approx 23mm to the eye and should be of a good quality. I will try add better pictures when my set arrives :wink:

Da Crusha:

wow that pretty neat clam. did he talk about when the warriors, scouts, hero, mage and priest would be available?


Nope, but I’ll try and see if I can get a bit more info about ‘Arcadia Miniatures’.


Oh coool show and tell more later !