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I was looking at the new Orks for 40k and decided that I quite liked the trukk and decided to purchase one , was just wondering that if anyone was going to buy one , which one would you buy.[might actually buy some dynamite squid aswell].:hat:hat off:hat:hat off:hat:hat off:hat:hat off:hat:cheers


since im getting back into gorkamorka that truck and bikers might work their way into my collection. not sure about any of the metals though.


for gorkamorka ima buy some vehicles and bikes, and maybe to metal kommandos to make a new set of morkers. every choppa shall be a gianormous wrench from the dwarf miner box! or a muffler…


Now would be a seemingly good time to re-release Gorkamorka, or at least mention it in White Dwarf and have the rules online for download.

Could be cool.

Lord Zarkov:

I’m very doubtful of a Gorkamorka re-release, but I could very definitly see Necromunda rules for the ork gangs coinciding with the release


a living rulebook wouldnt be too difficult. i was looking over the rules last night they are fairly simple, pretty much the same as necromunda but with a much more streamlined post battle sequence. and of course orky vehicle rules!

i cant imagine a full re-release but i wouldnt complain.


I was originally very interested in the metal releases of the orks this time round (I think I’ve made my distaste for plastics clear in the other post about them). But then I went insane and spent crazy amounts of money on Inquisitor stuff. Plus I’m finishing off a Space Marine army and my Chaos Dwarfs are still languishing in a half-painted state, so I’m not sure I can justify the purchases.



What are the rumored changes/new things in the new 40K Orks?


i prefer the old ork clans , the classic big mob and and tin bots the only decent release in the last 10 years has been the death kopta !


Well, i saw first hand some of new models at the UK GD, a new trukk (which is fantastic), a wierdboy, the new boys sprue is basically the same, but with some new tasty extas (rokkit launchers anyone?), tankbustas, orks with heavy shootas and thats all i think, i could be mistaken though

It seems to me that they put alot more effort into 40k than fantasy nowadays, IMHO the quality of the models are alot better and in my local store everyone seems to look forward to them rather than fantasy