[Archive] New Skaven Advance Orders


Haven’t seen this posted on the forum yet… some new Skaven stuff has been posted to GW’s website here.

It includes Skaven Battle Magic, Uniforms & Heraldry of the Skaven, some new character models (well, one of them is an updated Ikit Claw), Hellpit Abomination and the Doom-Flayer.

The Doom-Flayer is of particular interest as it looks like it could be a useful conversion piece for a CD army…



Hm, well, imo the Abomination is an abomination, the old Ikit Claw model was better, and the rest are underwhelming at best. I could certainly see the Doom-flayer being conversion material though!


tretch will make a good sneaky git hero with a new head and no tail, whilst i’m going to steal ikit’s hands to use on a demonsmith and his body for a khan of some kind.


i’ve seen that all on monday but forgot to post it… (saw it in store)
and if you give ikit a proper pask and a beard, he’d be a perfect deamonsmith(if you lose some of the incography)


I’m going to be ordering the HPA and ikit soon. Beautiful models.


I need to make some serious shopping in jan :smiley:


I love it, that’ll make some mess in the ranks!

Da Crusha:

very nice Abomination. I particularly like the second painted pic, very nasty foe.


it really is a great time to be a ratman hehe :smiley:

I need to place an order soon, many of the new minis are really great - and I’m working on a combined force of Chaos Dwarfs and Skaven.


That thing is huge!


I must say, I’m a little disappointed in the Plagueclaw.

But the Warplightning Cannon, is very cool - but I might gonna stay with my own conversion of the catapult.

Da Crusha:

The warp lightning cannon is my least favorite of the new models. it just has too much wood for my taste.


I’m looking at the one above and thinking its a nice start for a empire war alter.


I don’t know why I don’t like them, maybe it’s becouse eavy metal made a bad paintjob.


I don't know why I don't like them, maybe it's becouse eavy metal made a bad paintjob.

I agree, some of them you still need you imagination for.  I kind of felt this way after seeing some of the initial Daemon Prince plastic models they had done.

On a related note, if anyone out there has a friend that picks up the Hellpit Abomination be sure to raid their bitz box (or trade) for a few of the bits and bobs like this boiler:



I like the doom flayer although I don’t think it’s much use in game.

The Ikit Claw figure is nice too.

Don’t really like the Abom. Looks like a fat Tyranid with a smoke stack.


ooooh, nice boiler, lets hope i gets some on bitzbox (but i doubt it)