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Hi guys,

I have been playing fantasy for a number of years but only recently taken an interest in Chaos Dwarfs … i’ve been missing out thats for sure.

Anyway i had an idea of roughly what i wanted to take which is based loosely on fluff and the fact i like the models. However i thought i would put it up and see what you guys thought before purchasing any models.


Sorcerer Prophet

   level 4

   Black Hammer

   Armour of Bazherak

   Channelling Staff         400 points


Daemonsmith Sorcerer          95 points

Infernal Castellan


   Shield          132 points

Hobgoblin Khan

   Light Armour

   Enchanted Shield

   Sword of Striking

   Giant Wolf          74 points


Infernal Guard x30

   Great weapons

   Full command

   War Banner          517 points

Infernal Guard x 10

   Fireglaives          170 points

Infernal Guard x 10

   Fireglaives          170 points


Bull Centaur x3



   Full command

   Standard of Discipline          190 points

Magma Cannon          145 points

Deathshrieker Rocket          100 points


Hobgoblin Wolf Riders x9


   Full Command          151 points

Chaos Siege Giant

   Runes of hate          300 points

TOTAL 2444 points

Still not sure where the other points should go yet. I’m sure everyone will have their views. I haven’t seen the giant used in many lists but i don’t want a artillery heavy army. Something fun to play.


Give the regiments some magic banners. Use some of the banners from the core rulebook


Give the regiments some magic banners. Use some of the banners from the core rulebook

But is the set up sound? I was worried i didn't have enough blocks of men. If the infernal guard with great weapons break i think my army would be done.


No idea. Never played a game with CDs and only played 1 game of 8th ed. when it forst came out.


Err… Now don’t get offended if I sound overcritic. Anyway here are my thoughts:

Drop the Giant and the Wolf Riders ASAP!!! For these reasons:

-A Khan on wolf can achieve the same as a Wolf riders unit with the difference that he doesn’t suffer of animosity and costs less.
-The Giant is gonna suffer the world’s most horrible death at the second turn (third at max).

Buy a K’daai Destroyer instead.

And then, drop the Great Weapons on the big Infernal Guard unit. I cannot stress this point enough: YOU DON’T WANT THIS UNIT TO FIGHT!!! This unit is there just to bunker your Prophet and BSB… Therefore you want it to be as cheap as possible in case your enemy manages to cast an Armageddon spell.

To do your fighting I suggest to drop your Fireglaives units and fill the Core with Hobgoblins (cheap tar pits). Then invest in some Fireborn/Bull Centaurs, Hellcannon, K’daai Destroyer.

Finally… Your heroes need some extra defence. This is an elite army buddy! Your enemy can target you easily ;). Reason for which you should give your Prophet and BSB a 2+, 4++ save, thanks to the Talisman of Preservation, Mask of the Furnace, Enchanted shield, Helm and basic Blackshard armor equipment (drop the Black Hammer).

One final advice: to fill your core an Infernal Guard unit with Blunderbusses usually is enough. And they can put up a decent amount if fire as well! I personally never tried them (too much points in a single unit), but according to the Battle Report section of this forum they can remove whole Skaven units per turn.


I would say that 30 IG with GW and a Castellan is a great fighting unit. I have used it some times, and it can take a world of damage, put our some nice damage as well, and still stand with the stubborn rerollable bsb.

Place the BSB and the Prophet on the ends, and kit them out defenseable.