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giantsquig :

Hello all

I’m new to CD but not new to warhammer. I have been playing on and off since 3rd and have collected many armies.

O&G- Had around 8K sold some have 2k now
Dwarfs (the only good army I have) 2.5k
Ogres. 2.4K
Skaven 3Kish
Dogs of War (converted from Kroot) 1K

I was trying to come up with an army that would look awesome on the battle field and fell in love with the FW minis.

Any hoo I’m going to place a big order withe FW soon and want to get a a good list on the board so what do yall think


2400 Pts
1 Sorcerer-Prophet, L4 The Mask of the Furnace, Dawnstone

1 Daemonsmith Sorcerer, L1, 1 Dispel Scroll, 1 The Lore of Fire

1 Infernal Castellan-Great Weapon; Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of Bazherak the Cruel

28 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard- Mus, Standard Banner of Eternal Flame

25 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard, Mus, Standard

3 Bull Centaurs Renders-Shields

1 Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon

6 K’daai Fireborn,

K’daai Destroyer
5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders,

Comes out to 2396

Was thinking use the big block to hold the center and hold it’s flank with the smaller block and overload the other flank with all the faster moving units.

any advice?

Da Crusha:

I like the list and have a few suggestions. I would recommend Lore of Hashut on the prophet for ashstorm. this will allow you to make things flammable to take full advantage of the magma cannon, banner of eternal flame and the kdaai. and I’d recommend the Lore of metal on the deamonsmith because your army may have trouble getting through armour, minus the castellan and the destroyer. I would also recommend using great weapons on the Bull centaur renders. you can also control the magic phase much better if you bring the chalice of blood and darkness. I usually bring it on the Prophet with talisman of preservation and enchanted shield.


Hello and welcome to CDO.

I Really like the list, no scary doubles or destroyer so you wont make any enemies with this basis.

few comments: Drop the banner of flame, you have enough stuff that does flaming attacks and you dont want to be pinned down by a dragon helm or Dragon princes (or an opponents Kadaai).

Oh darn, now I see you do have a destroyer. ah well.

Drop the wolfboys and take a Hob hero on wolf with the dragon helm, way better at doing the same stuff.

giantsquig :

I added the banner of flame because I had an extra 10 points lying around. I will try the Hobo hero with the dragon helm and see how that goes. I have not play tested the force yet hopefully this weekend.

Time of Madness:


Nice looking list. I agree with what Da crusha and bolg have suggested. Here is my take on some changes.

The BSB should not have the 50pt armour. You can easily give him a 2+ save by taking a shield and the mask of furnace. This gives him a 2+ save followed by a 4+ ward. I’d then give the prophet the enchanted shield and talisman of preservation for a 2+ save followed by a 4+ ward. I like the charmed shiled on the level 1 if you have a few extra points.

Take the lichebone pennant on the larger guard unit. This will give the unit a bit of magic resistance, but more importantly give your bsb and prophet a 3+ ward vs death magic snipes.

I’ve never been fond of the smaller secondary block of guard. I find they really need character support to make them function properly (ie stubborn castellans etc). You may be better off taking a small unit of fireglaives (I prefer these) as support or taking a unit of 21 guard with great weapons. You can then deploy them 7X3 or 10X2 to attempt to maximize the number of high S hits.

I’d try to make the centaurs 4 strong (deployed 2X2) and give them both great weapons and shields. The banner of swiftness helps make them more effective and allows them to keep up with the destroyer.

Hope this helps.

Time of Madness

giantsquig :

I like to play in tournaments and out here the standard list is 2.4k. I will have to find a way to convert the FW IG to have GW’s if I go with the second list. Is it better just to beaf up the bigger block of IG or have the second support unit.


I like to play in tournaments and out here the standard list is 2.4k. I will have to find a way to convert the FW IG to have GW's if I go with the second list. Is it better just to beaf up the bigger block of IG or have the second support unit.

I have tried IG with Great Weapons and I'm not a big fan. There are too many units out there that will chop them to pieces before they strike and they are too many points IMO.

IG with hand weapon and shield with a stubborn character are a really solid core choice. The 3+ save followed by 6+ parry save is amazing for the points! I think a CD general has to conceed that IG are never going to do much damage!