[Archive] New Vampire Counts beastie

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I really like that Cairn wraith and the Terrorgheist ist quite OK. Not so fond of the Tzeentch herald and the Banshee, her pose is somewhat awkward.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like most of this stuff I have a few criticisms, but when don’t I, lol?

The cairn wraith looks cool, but needs a longer cloak to look right for me. It just looks too stunted for some reason…

The tomb banshee looks pretty damnably cool (if only it fit into my Undead Dwarf army, lol), but could do with a few more bits of fabric at the hem I think - may just be that there’s not a lot happening in that lower third and makes it feel odd…

The zombie dragon is pretty dang sweet. It’s quite cool that it has a bat-like head too, helps to tie it in with the fell bats. I also like the rider, but not as a rider, lol. It’ll be groovy as a Ghast and with some additions, be great as a Ghoul King character.

Garden of Morr looks quite cool too, however, I don’t really see it being used in many games personally - having said that, I don’t really know why, hahaha.

Lastly, the Herald of Tzeentch looks pretty much perfect for fitting in with the new horror models. Personally, if I get it, I’ll do a head swap (or sculpt or something) and likly use the disc elsewhere. The head-switch because I have ~30 old horrors and the disc because it can be used elsewhere (E.G. Altar of Chaos with Mark ofTtzeentch) and I want my heralds in units (or chariots, but Tzeentch heralds are more use in units IMO).