[Archive] New Vampire Counts beastie

Thommy H:

Apparently it can also be built as an unmounted bat monster called a “Terrorgeist” (lit. “terror spirit”, I suppose) with rules in August’s White Dwarf.

Looks okay to me. Some people on Warseer are rightly pointing out that it has four limbs instead of the usual draconic hexapod arrangement, which actually makes this a Zombie Wyvern, but I guess that’s the price of a dual purpose kit.


That is a good model, thanks for showing. I wish that the Manticore would have kept to this quality (on level with the Cockatrice, that is).

Whilst unlikely, there may be a pair of extra arms for the Zombie Dragon in the kit. I’m certainly liking GW’s new trend for dual purpose kits.


To be honest, I think it looks decidedly average, but i’ll wait until there are more piccies before making my mind up one way or the other.


I have to be honest and say that I’m not keen on this either, nor am I keen on the other Storm of Magic monsters. I think GW’s attempts to “Warhammerify” everything is making some of their more recent offerings just a bit too wierd for my tastes. I’ll be sticking with my old metal flying cabbage for now.


Thats an OK looking model, maybe adding some old dry skin hanging from it… At least its good to se that it aint “finecast”! :slight_smile:


I think GW's attempts to "Warhammerify" everything is making some of their more recent offerings just a bit too wierd for my tastes. I'll be sticking with my old metal flying cabbage for now.

Is this the John Blanche effect? ;)

Personally, I'm fine with it, but it's all a matter of taste.


I’m not sure about the model … I cannot see it properly! :~

But I’m afraid that it’s almost an average one - concerning the pose and the general appearence! :expressionless:

Perhaps more and better pics will prove me wrong! :wink:


Da Crusha:

ohhh, nice find! I really like this model and its also pretty exciting to see some new Vampire count stuff. does anybody know if they have a book coming out soon?

Thommy H:

No, just rules for a new monster in August’s White Dwarf. And, allegedly, Flesh Golems by the same means in the near future.


:o I think its awesome.

Its clearly based off John Blanche’s pic, which I really like. The Vampire actually looks half-decent too, which is a relief.

Only thing that concerns me is the gigantinormous base size - Zombie Dragons are rubbish at the moment, that thing is going to disappear in one round of combat lol.

I wouldn’t have thought VCs would be getting a new book yet, so this one-off release of a new unit is interesting. I wonder if its an ‘official’ addition to the army list.

Obviously I can’t use it in my Samurai Undead as its not far eastern-looking. Damnation.

Hashut’s Blessing:

To me, the vampire looks a bit stunted and his lance appears to be a sword tied to a stick, lol. The base size is fracking huge, combined with the zombie dragon’s poorer stats and save, it makes it easier to kill him and the vamp on its back (often going to be your general anyway). Also, the face seems a bit stunted for a dragon (an abysall terror maybe, but not for a dragon skull) and, as said, it’s technically a wyvern. I think it looks cool, but the bottom line is that it doesn’t look like an Undead version of ANY of GW’s dragons and most closely resembles the wyvern (with its shorter, flatter skull and lack of forelimbs).

Regardless, I’ll reserve my true judgement until I see it a little better - my current comments are on what can be taken from that picture.

Thommy H:

To play Devil’s advocate on the quadruped issue: Zombie Dragons are supposed to be raised from the Plain of Bones, south of the Dark Lands, which is a province-sized carpet of bones and remains of various large monsters. Mostly Dragons, but there are other bits and pieces lying around. When a Zombie Dragon is raised, they don’t necessarily raise a whole Dragon carcass and imbue it with unlife, rather, they use whatever body parts they can find and construct a functional creature. So it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a “Zombie Dragon” may include bits of Wyvern, or just not bother with one set of limbs altogether.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Another point is that Wyverns are tehcnically a sub-species of dragon anyhow, lol :wink:

Thommy H:



Garden of Morr and Tzeentch Herald here too.

Thommy H:

Apologies for the massive pics…


All thumbs up from me. At last a Cairn Wraith and Banshee with the right looks about 'em! They look like they could haunt the dreams and memories of peasant with their mere appearance. The Terrorgheist is wicked, and the Ghould looks fine, too. I’m positively surprised that the monster riders look good.

The Garden of Morr is a nice kit, though it’ll likely take some years before I or any of my mates buy it. With all these terrain kits, building an Empire battlefield should prove easy though costly. The Herald of Tzeentch is strongly impressive. It might be one of the best Tzeentch models that GW has ever released (and then I’ve looked at a lot of the old ones, many of which are still awesome). The only odd bit is the flaming icon of Tzeentch between the Herald’s horns, but some better painted flames would probably make that right.

Could you please try to resize the pictures?


10/10 for the Wraith and Banshee :o

And finally a decent-looking Strigoi too. Nice.

Thommy H:

Yeah, the Ghoul King is a really impressive piece of work - I want the kit just for him.


I want the Garden of Morr, the rest of it I can live without.


I like the banshee and the wraith no doubt my son will be adding them to his VC army. Not sure about the zombie dragon. I prefer the classic model.