[Archive] new wolves

Da Crusha:


I personally would use this one for a Hobgobbo Hero…


Very nice! There’s also tons of other interesting stuff on that site, definitly getting their shapers at some point!


Nice find, that is a great pose for a wolf too, very realistic.


Wow, thats one sweet wolf! :slight_smile:


And five different poses once they have finished the work.

I think even Gamezone only has three (beautyful ones though).


I love the gamezone ones - awesome miniatures and would be my number one choice for a hobgoblin character - but I must say, that when I saw this at Frothers the other day, I was stunned be the amount of details on this little puppy. Awesome wolf and look forward see the other 4 conversions.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Aw thats not a wolf - that’s a wingless bat! :frowning:


Ishkur bat or not you have to admitt the sculpt is very impressive. Maybe the next of the sculpts will be more to you taste. This is definately a GW comparable sculpt job. Really nice work. Good find Crusha


Very expressive sculpt. Lots of feral character. Would make a great hero mount indeed.


Great job. :slight_smile:

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Aw thats not a wolf - that's a wingless bat! :(

Ishkur Cinderhat
Nope!, you wrong there, Ish :P


It's a Wolf, alright!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hm! Alright I have to concur. I somehow still don’t like head.

Da Crusha:

just ran by these again and noticed they are available! but at a steep price.

some of these guys seem to be cyborg wolves


-meka wolf? - might work well for a hobgoblin hero!


Those are totally trying to capitalize on the 40k Space Wolf Thunderwolfs.

Not exactly ideally posed as unit either.


I like these wolves a lot but imo they are much too pricey! :~



You’d have to be very skilled to fit those on a cavalry base. By the looks of them they were designed to go on a 40/50mm round base. Nice models though.


they look good,but the bionic parts look way to scifi for a hobbo hero…

i would like them more if they were normal wolfs