[Archive] News about CD/Tournaments

Ammrik Gunrock:

Hello all, Over the weekend I had the opportunity of going to one of the Premier Events in Canada, Arena Montreal Doubles! It was the first doubles tournament they set up (normally only doing a singles tournament once a year) and I brought along my CD with my friends Dark Elves. I wont go into details about how we did…lets just say not well and leave it at that.

Anyway, like at every Arena there was a Q&A which is normally run by a rep from GW Canada. Unfortunetly not this year due the decision of GW to merge GW Canada and GW US into GW North America. As a result there’s a lot of “reshuffling” of staff going on (aka, cutting cost by firing the Canadian guys and having only 1 guy run everything across North America).

As the only CD player around here I naturally asked all I could about CD’s and the “secret” thing being releases sometime in September/October. Basically they didn’t know anything about that (again, with reshuffling GW Canada didn’t send any info across as they have none). What I did learn however, is interesting enough. Due to the reshuffling and the canceling of Hall of Heroes we CD players in Canada, (one of the few places where CD are still legal) have about a year before the new tournament system is implemented and we fall in line with the American system. So basically, no CD’s legal in GW run events.

Its a great bummer to me as I only have a few more things left to paint before I have my full 2000pt list done. It probably wont matter in smaller, local events run (maybe). I just thought I would share what I learned with all of you.

-Ammrik Gunrock


Cheers for sharing with us. That’s unfortunate news - it seems like every time something interesting comes up regarding CDs, something bad happens to balance it out…:frowning:

Border Reiver:

I’ve never understood why CDs have been considered to be “illegal” in non-Cdn events. GW keeps telling us the list from Ravening Hordes is still a legal list and all.

Personally, I think the people at GW US have misplaced their copy of Ravening Hordes and are too embarrassed to ask head office for a copy.

Thommy H:

GW keeps telling us the list from Ravening Hordes is still a legal list and all.

There's actually no such thing as "legal". Tournaments have always been the way that people who care about such things judge them, and Chaos Dwarfs have had a nebulous status in tournaments for a long time - and, ultimately, it's up to the organisers to allow or disallow whatever they see fit.


Typically event organizers allow all current rules and “Official” white sheets. Some shortsidedness/blindness may occur with what is “current and official” or not. Those same some may see the Ravening Hordes book as being replaced by the new edition rulebookand or army books. Thus relagating Ravening Hordes to an outdated and null version of army lists. I still run across tourney developers who dont even know chaos dwarfs exist let alone ever existed at all.

Interesting enough there is a faq which references chaos dwarfs and 7th edition although its supposedly for US Grand Tournies and Gamesday GT’s. That may have come about before the grand reshuffling or be otherwise unnoteworthy… yet its potentially something.

Like Tommy H mentioned though, for any given event your at the whims of the event staff as to whats Offical/Usable/"legal"

So while we can bring our CD’s with as much information as possible (like the clandestine original copy of Ravening Hordes and the nebulous Chaos Dwarf faq) and argue our cause… we still have to be prepared to run a “counts as” army to fulfill the fancy of event promoters/organizers.

Just my two cinders and spark of hope from the molten core that is Hashut’s playground.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

But wouldn’t it be nice if they disallowed the old RH faq because they were about to present us with our own army book?

It is odd, however, that CD’s are still being talked about in the big rule book and in O&G and OK books, yet people still don’t know about them and that they are becoming less and less “Legal”.


Not to mention we have a summary in the back of the rulebook AND are mentioned in the WoC book, too.

Thommy H:

Well, the rulebook was written a while ago now - saying they’re “still in it” is sort of nonsensical in that context. Also, being mentioned in an army book (particularly ones written several years ago…) doesn’t mean anything either.

Look, the Ravening Hordes list isn’t on the GW website any more, so I think tournament organisers are well within their rights to say it’s not “legal” - remember, there isn’t actually any such thing as “legal” in Warhammer: the acid test has always been “what’s allowed in Grand Tournaments”, since the kind of people who give a damn about “legal” are exactly the kind of people who tend to live and die by things like tournament results.

So, if you care about that kind of thing, then I guess Chaos Dwarfs aren’t “legal” any more. If you’re just playing with your friends, you need to discuss what the status of the list is - like always.