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Hey, i love this site… its such a creative place…���� i hope you people also like ‘new-skool-CDs’, because i never fellt the need to make some CDs of my own untill i saw the chronopia dwarfs. I loved their cartoonish look, and so i tried to copy that style by using blackorc parts, dwarfwarriors and greenstuff…��never used GS before actually, but i love it,…�� i ll post the full unit when i painted it … i think about 2 months it ll take��:)

Thommy H:

Nice. Interesting colour scheme too - looks slightly Slaaneshi to me.


Nice idea, hand look a bit big to me, but otherwise it seems okay, a whole unit would look pretty cool IMO :slight_smile:


Whoa, that’s a strong Chaos Dwarf! Nicely done though, he looks really cool. :slight_smile:


It’s pretty cool, but the head is very black-orcy. Did you cut off the tusks?


- Kyte


Yes the tusks are gone, and the whole jaw also, making it about 66% size of the blackorc face … otherwise it would just look as if such a huge head would break his poor neck… i didnt make it slaaneshi on purpose, but i just might with the other 19 guys now :slight_smile:


They are cool nice to see new stuff ,like the purple


This guy is great! Very unique, aka awesome. The proportions are kind of unusual, but I think that gives the model some deranged charm. I can’t wait to see more!


i love it, i always think its great when a new style of CD is done. congrats!!

and the slaaneshi chaos influence is something i always like to see as well! cant wait to see more.


Looks pretty cool! I like the ‘cartoony’ approach you have gone for, it’s really unique!


Points for originality and a good colour scheme, I think the hand could do with being smaller though


Good work, nice purple colour.


Painting them in Slaanesh colours makes me think back to old 3rd edition Chaos warband days.


Ahhh… The good old days when Fimirs and Zoats still ruled :slight_smile:

- Tallhat


go fimirs! i want a whole army of them! might do it after my cd’s use chaos mortal rules for them!


i have a home written army book for fimirs if you want me to post it torn?

anyway, the chaos dwarf looks awesome, i prefer hats but yours are still cool