[Archive] nice n simple Bolt Thrower

Lord Zarkov:

This is just the old dwarf bolt thrower, with minor conversion and made much cheaper:

You need the following components (makes 2):

2xDwarf Bolt Thrower Carrige

2xDwarf Bolt Thrower bow

2xDwarf Bolt Thrower Front Frame

Spear Chukka Handle Sprue

Solid Wheel Spure(same as for old bolt thrower and ES)

and 2 loose spears, I used the one on the old NG sprue (which I had spare from making Hobgoblins)

Alternativly if you only want one you could use the Spoked Wheel Sprue (as used on the DR) which is worse VFM but fits under the bow better (the solid wheels are a little tight) and something like the rock lobber winch handles which look slightly better IMO but are lower VFM

It is fairly self explanatory how to fit these components together, however you will need to pin on the goblin handles; and attach the wheels before the bow this is important as the wheels fit very tightly and will not fit if the bow is pushed down as far as it can go (this would be less of a problem with the smaller, spoked wheels).��You will also need to file off all the dwarf insignia and possibly sculpt some CD/HG insignia.��You may probably want to sculpt on some flights, I just didn’t because I’m not good enough with GS!

My BT Compared with the original:


That’s awesome! Any crew for these bad boys? :smiley:

Lord Zarkov:

Thanks! The crew I use for my conversion are just night goblins with regular goblin heads with GS hats, not really anything special.��Although I might convert some new crew from BFSP.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like yours more than the original, actually!


Pics of the crew would be nice anyways though, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Of course. They are obligatory. It goes without saying. So I didn’t say it, he he he.