[Archive] night gobling/flaggelant hobgoblings?


anyone know if flaggelants with night goblin heads as hobgoblins looks okay?


There’s someone who used to be on the forums, Geckilian if I remember correctly, who has done that. It looks quite nice actually. Look for his screen name in the various hobby forums and you should find examples.

They’re probably the route I will go when I want to make some Hobgobs.

Hope that helps!


ok thanks i’ll have a look at it

Lord Archaon:

Here is the example of Geckillian’s work:

Hope it’ll help

:hat off


thanks i’ll definitly use that for my hobbgobbos


Thoose hobgoblins look fantastic - I hadnt thought of that combination before and it certainly seems to work - plus not to expensive to do either

Lord Archaon:

You should say this to Geckillian in his BloodBowl thread not here :wink:


ooooh, Idea stealing time, they look like they’d be mean in a scrap…

and I have 10 flaggies spare from m empire army anyway:)


Ya, the conversion is an effective one, for sure. :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Sure is a simpler and more effective way of doing it than the usual cutting and greenstuffing the BFSP Goblins.

however, I still think I have to butcher my BFSP guys as I can’t afford to order any figures right now and I still have a LOT of Greenstuff.

Kera foehunter:

you might have to trim the nose downon the ng