[Archive] Ninja Monkeys! - Kyte's New Gig!


Hi everybody. Sorry for lack of fishy updates. I actually have been sculpting some more stuff (Namely options of a Deep One Chieftain and Giant Blowpipes for the Warturtle), but also a Sharkman hero on foot with an anchor as his weapon.

I have now spent almost 2 years on fishmen, and are getting a tad bored with them, actually. I also only need to finish Lobster Knights, Man O’ War, Trench Guard and a Sharkman BSB to have equivalents for the entire GW Lizardman Army.

As my new thing, I intend to do a whole other thing - Ninja Monkeys.

This might have a certain childish or cartoony sound to it, but I’m sure, if you think it through, they could turn out pretty gritty and awsome. Skaven were after all based on Splinter from Ninja Turtles, and they’re doing well in WHFB, so why not, I think.

I do not have plans for making this an equivalent of any WHFB Army, but rather just a collection of cool models. The term Ninja Monkey is a bit misleading. A more covering term would be “Ancient Asian inspired Antrhomorphic Monkeys” or something.

Most of the armies would be made up of your average monkey man, standing a little lower than a human, but taller than a goblin or skink. He’d be slightly hunched with long hairy limbs, a long agile tail, that in some cases holds an extra weapon, a monkey head and ancient asian inspired gear.

I am going for an army wide theme of dynamic poses (except for ranked infantry, which I perfer uniform and static).

I have found this pic on the internet, which has served as key inspiration for a test-sculpt, which will be revealed as soon as finished:

My ideas for the army currently include:

  • Regular skirmishing Ninja Monkeys with an assortment of weapons ranging from katanas to bo-staves and thrown weaponry.

  • Ranked elite monkeys in samurai suits with backbanners and 2 handed swords

  • Wizards with chinese wiseman style beard in extremely dynamic poses. I have a vague idea of having one kind of running up a scroll he’s holding and another one with some kind of genie/daemon in a bottle.

  • A Warlord in samurai armour on a Thunderbird (Giant Hornbill inspired)

  • A Warmachine that fires a focused ray of sunlight through a prism (Death Ray)

  • Priest on Screaming Bell Style Giant War Gong

  • Bigfoot-like creatures goaded into battle

I’d like this to be a developement thread, so I’ll appreciate any form for feedback or ideas.

I won’t forget the fishies, as they were my original sculpted army, of course, and will keep updating them whenever inspiration strikes.

Here is my test-sculpt by the way:


- Kyte


his face look’s great,
but i don’t like the pose
it’s just look like a monkey with a stick not a ninja monkey;)



whats better then a monkey with ninja weapons?

answer:an whole army of them!

really like the idea,like the mini,but like warh said,the pose is not the best

keep us updated


I love the concept, and it’s a beautiful sculpt. I do love the head, torso and clothes - but there is a few things that might be adjusted. First, there is something wrong with the left arm/hand. Can’t say excatly what’s wrong, but there is something that doesn’t look right. Think the arm is placed to fare backwards and then the left hand (grib) is twisted into a strange angle.

And then I think he is way to much upright. He should be more down in his knees, think you might concider shorten the legs a bit, too. In my opinion a monkey should be able to touch the ground with their armes. Most monkeys moves on all four. That would be a little bit difficult for this guy.  

But all in all a great concept and I hope you’ll show us more, soon :smiley:

Father Grumpmas:

That’s Monkey-tastic

I would buy that for a Beastman character.

Got a couple of your fishmen priests from TFM and love them.


Dude glad to see you back! Still need some dawi zharr however :wink:


ah! monkies!!!

…are they rage infected? :wink:


Like warh already mentioned (for me) the mini looks too much like a monkey with a stolen stick and not like a ninja-monkey!

The mini itself is cool sculptured … for a monkey!

IMO the mini is for a ninja-monkey too static, not agile enough.



I am really looking forward to seeing more of this stuff, I am rather taken with the idea of ninja monkeys!

I love the sculpt too, and if this guy is kind of a rank and file ninja then I can see why you don’t want to go overboard on this - however, perhaps some kind of scroll case on his back, or a throwing star gripped in that prehensile tail of his might work to just “Ninjify” him?

Now I am waiting to see how you do things like spellcasters! :cheers

Uzkul Werit:

These look frikkin’ awesome.