[Archive] ninja turtles as clan eshin


those smurfs made my night (and been kinda a rough day so woot).

they all green stuffed? loving those pumkin figures and dogs


Yeah they are all green stuff. Glad to hear that you liked them. The pumpkin patch guys are the smurfers of the corn and I use them as counts as grave guard.


Lost for words and did I really see some He-Man stuff.

As Shaun Ryder would say “you’re twisting my melon man”.:o


Haha… love those turtles!! Turtles will always rock my world :slight_smile: Really good work, and very creative ideas (with both the turtles and unsmurfs)! Thumbs up for keeping the shells alive :slight_smile: Actually I saw some episodes of the Hero Turtles series (The next mutation) as recent as yesterday!

PS: The coolest turtle is Don! Though he is my total opposite, I’ve always thought he was the coolest :slight_smile: