[Archive] No CDs in Scourge of Storm


Is anyone else a litle upset that there is no Chaos Dwarf faction in the Scourge of the Storm campaign? :hat


When was the last time CDs had a faction in a Warhammer summer campaign? Albion?

I’m not upset (though admittedly it’s hard for me to be). They have no official rules, and FW’s army list has not been released yet. Play them as Dwarfs in the meantime, or Empire, for the campaign.

Thommy H:

Yeah. They’re not supported. They don’t have a faction in anything.

Ancient History:

I think the last time was Nemesis Crown (2007).

Thommy H:

And even then, that was HB getting it organised within the community - it wasn’t something that came from GW. Albion is probably right, and I think they came dead last (because so few people were using them).


GW created Rhakarth for the campaign, so it was partly GW too.

Thommy H:

No, that was HB too, wasn’t it?


Rykarth was originally created by GW US I believe? Just as a Hero who counted as a BSB without actually being a BSB. It was CDO that made him a proper presence though :slight_smile:


GW created him, he was just a BSB with some specific items. They only made a bit of fluff for him, HB wrote more and GW spread that around. The non-HB stuff is in the wiki: [[Rykarth the Unbreakable]]

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks for the mention guys :wink: As it happens, GW created him (CD Hero with GW and counted as a BSB, plus a couple of sentences of fluff that got changed once or twice slightly), but Chaos dwarfs’ presence in Nemesis Crown was recorded under Orcs & Goblins - there were a team of us writing fluff for each region, but I had control of Rykarth’s movements and background (turning him into head of the Immortals), which people often think was GW’s work, especially since the basis of a lot of my stuff was used in the Indy GT list, but they said they got the information from GW (I tried to get them to credit me with it, but they said it was too late).