[Archive] No Idea What I'm Doing: Competitive 2500



Sorceror-Prophet(Goes in IG unit 2):

Enchanted Shield

Dispel Scroll

Talisman of Endurance

Crown of Command


Infernal Castellan(Goes in IG unit 1):


Great Weapon


Mask of the Furnace

Daemonsmith Sorceror(Goes with War Machines):

Level 2

Chalice of Blood and Darkness


23 Infernal Guard

Full Command


23 Infernal Guard

Full Command



6 Bull Centaur Renders

Full Command

Great Weapons

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher


Magma Cannon





Now bear in mind at the time of writing, I haven’t had opportunity to try many of these units in-game. I’ve played 1500pt games, and found myself in equal measure impressed with the durability of Infernal Guard with HW/S and the Bull Centaurs, as I was unimpressed with their damage dealing potential.

I’m not terribly impressed with the Deathshrieker either, but I already own a model and I’ll be damned if I don’t use it. I want to go with a shooty army that won’t immediately fold when engaged in close combat. I like the BCRs as a mobile flank regiment that can redeploy fairly rapidly.

I’d like to find points for a Standard of Discipline on the Centaurs, or pistols for the Sergeants and heroes, so if anyone can offer some advice on that front I’d be oblidged.

Thanks again!


I would play with a level 1 Daemonsmith, imho the second is quite useless. what are the lores of the wizards?

the castellan and the SP are perfect, the daemonsmith needs a charmed shield

I wouldn’t use 2 small units of bunderblusses, if you want to play with them you need at least a unit of 30.

if you want to play the strategy of the double unit stubborn I would recommend both with gw or one gw and the other with fireglaives (I played a lot with 2 units stubborn: 20 fireglaives with banner eternal flame and castellan and 25 gw with SP)

imho the hellbound on the wm is only pricey and not so effective, you already have the hellcannon which does magical attacks…

and finally I would switch the bullcentaurs for a really nice Destroyer :stuck_out_tongue: or, if you like the bcs, I would play a more or less naked unit of 3 and a powerful Taurruk…


Whoops. I was planning Lore of Hashut for the SP, and I’m toying between Fire and Death for the DS. Daemons, Dark Elves and VC are pretty strong in my store’s meta at the moment, so I’m not sure which will suit me best.

I was thinking for the IG units that they’d be potent shooting threats, and also adequate CC anvils, since they are, essentially, HW/S units. If I drop Hellbound and a level on the DS I could add, at most another 2 IG to each unit, with 2486 left over.

I wanted Charmed Shield for the DS, but unfortunately he can only take 50pts of magic items, which are eaten up by the Chalice. :confused:

I’m not sure where else to find points honestly. I could drop the Deathshrieker, as honestly it hasn’t impressed me in-game yet. But then I’d be losing out on an entire other war machine.

I’ll also consider the K’Daai, as 1 destroyer costs the same as 6 centaurs. But honestly I’m leery of the K’daai’s survivability. Those BC’s will be solid as a ROCK and hit fairly hard to boot. But with Burning Bright and only 6 wounds, I’m reticent about it.