[Archive] No politics or religion threads/ commentary please


Although it says it in the rules, I think it’s best to copy it here directly to make people aware:

* As they inevitably get heated and are inappropriate for a game forum, we’ve decided that threads/ commentary about politics and religion are not allowed on CDO and will be locked by the Staff.

Who wants to discuss boring real world stuff when there are elves, goblins and loads of other cool things in our fantasy world anyway?!



I’ll STRONGLY back Grim or any other staffer on this any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

There are plently of places on the web to discuss both, but not here.

If ever you want to see me grab my red bladed lightsaber or force choke some rebel scum this would be it.

On a lighter note please help us out with this, it makes our job easier and I really dont enjoy banning members. Well maybe those that think the Rebels were the good guys… :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

As noted, the staff are unanimous on this. There are plenty of places where this kind of topic can be freely discussed and, probably, in a far better manner than here.