[Archive] NOFXS mind boggling army log :P


g’day (or hello if you prefer) all im new to this forum, So first a little introduction my name is kieran im from western Australia im 17 ive been playing for about 4 years now and i have just started a chaos dwarf army :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will be using the ravening hordes list to build around.

But any way on to the pics!!


First warrior

And the two of them

also some of my other work

Cheers kieran

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



That servitor is ace :slight_smile: Welcome to CDO!

Nice BSB too, I too had my eye on the Marauder Horse banner.


i always thought that the marauder horse banner would make a nice BSB.

and i love the metalic effect on the goblins sword:)


Bah someone else to make ym models look bad :wink: Welcome bud I hope you enjoy this place :smiley:


Nice beards on those are you gonna change there armour or keep chainmail? Love the paintjobs on the others especially the men of dunharrow keep it up :hat off


Cool start! :hat off

Your guys look very promising!

Like also your men of dunharrow, what colour did you use for them?


Kera foehunter:

great work !!! love the cds and i love the ghost host

could you tell me what colors you used i always wanted top paintsome troop like that P L E A S E !!!


little bit more done on the bsb

Banner for the chaos dwarf warriors

started painting the warrior

and my fire wizard have to redo some of the beard turned out pretty crap :frowning:

Cheers guys thanks for the comments

@Kera foehunter & Zanko

the army of the dead if i remember rightly (was a while ago) they where

spray white

paint the flesh with 50% elf flesh 50% skull white

wash with a mix of thrakka green and asuriman blue

thin over brush of skull white (i watered this down a bit)

then a thin wash of  mix of thrakka green and asuriman blue

pretty sure that’s how i did it.

Cheers kieran


Impressive Builds, it’s good to see Australians with CD armies in the works


First of all welcome to the site NOFX great to have you with us :), great start to your CD army, am really liking the conversion of the bfsp cannon crew member in to the fire wizard also great paint jobs on your other models cant wait to see some painted CDs :slight_smile:


for the warrior you used the arm from the chaos marauders??? looks good


Cheers guys :cheers

Some new pics

Warrior champion


Wip Blunderbuss

Bad pics of the first painted warrior :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to get the first lot done by next friday for a 800pt torney at my local gw store, I will be using the ravening hordes list would love to here what you guys think of it.

Hobgoblin hero 106

Great weapon, Wolf, Armour of gazrakh, Gauntlets of bazhrakk

Chaos dwarf sorcerer 135

Lv2 dispell scroll, Power stone

15 Chaos dwarf warriors 165

Full command

16 Blunderbuss 227

Full command

2 Hobgoblin bolt throwers 60

2 Death rockets 160

Any ideas would be great

Cheers kieran


Once again great work on the conversions, the only thing i would change about the army list is drop the hobgoblin hero and either take a cd hero or take a few units of hobgoblins you can get allot of hobgoblins with the points that you will save from the hero, use they to run forward and draw out charges then flee leaving your enemy open to either blunderbuss fire or a nice counter charge by some rock hard cd warriors :slight_smile: I like the fact that you are taking some death rockets in the army i never leave home with out mine they are great bits of kit i once smashed a 2000pt dwarf army using nothing but them and a earth shaker it was over by turn 3 with him suffering 90% causalities and all I lost was a few hobgoblins :slight_smile:


Cheers loki i will post up my list when its done.

Some more pics

2nd sorcerer wip and champion for the warrior unit

Some black orcs

Cheers kieran

black hammer:

your army is coming along great! It’s by far the best I’ve seen using BFSP and the marauder shoulder pads as masks. I also totally love the paint job!:cheers

centauro enano:

Good picks up, expect to see more things  :cheers :cheers

Kera foehunter:

Thanks so much !!! now im off to paint some sprite!!

Ps welcome to the site


I think some of the beard strands would look better if you cut the tips off.

I like the verdigre effect, what colour do you use?


Cheers guys there will be a big update in two days its my one day of this week so i will be chaos dwarfing it up all day.

@Grimstonefire yeah some do look a bit round and blob like will give it a crack.

@Grimstonefire i use vmc verdigris glaze with just a tad of gw scaly green them water down to a wash.

Cheers kieran


Nice work, I really like your greenskins in the first post. The skull masks you’ve used are excellent too - I wouldn’t have thought of using the ones from the marauder standard but they work beautifully