[Archive] Non-GW Bull Centaur Art [found]


Check out this non-GW dwarfen bull centaur I found by google searching "bull man"

It was made by “~mehrdadisvand”, and posted to deviant art


Border Reiver:

He’s looking a little beefy.


That looks sooooo cool, but he does look abit, fat.


I wonder if you’d tell him “hey guy, you’re faaaaat”. LOL :slight_smile:

It’s nice but not so evil to be a bull centaur. He looks like a good guy!


He's looking a little beefy.

Border Reiver
Lol. :cheers

He is a big lad thats for sure. Although he doesn't look very evil as we would know, it does have a chaos star.


He does have the muscular (Dwarvish) upper body.


Not sure bout this one, its well done in terms of the art, but not my cup of tea perhaps.


That looks sooooo cool, but he does look abit, fat.

maybe a Bull Centaur Lord?

Pyro Stick:

If he was a bit more chaosy he would go well with the DwarfTales evil dwarfs:


Uzkul Werit:

Needs more evil.

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Nice pic!

… but imo the lower part of the body looks too much cow like and the upper part looks a bit like a indulgent babarian! :~

Therefore the mace is awesome! :wink:

Nonetheless I don’t want any trouble with this guy! :slight_smile:



The torso is a weee bit too large for the body to hold. Or is it? Fantasy… hard to tell :stuck_out_tongue:

And I wouldn’t paint it like a cow but all in all I think a really nice figure if it was made into one.


I’ve played around with it a little.

I would probably buy that as a model, but I would prefer a bit more armour.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Behold it’s the Cow King! Moooooooo…

Kera foehunter:

snicker * the reason he so beefy is that he a steer !! snicker *

But has a nice chest and arms


Nice artwork but it definitely needs more chaos.