[Archive] Norse Berserker Chaos Dwarfs


In IndyGT-AB I read on the timeline something about wild norse berserker dwarfs, who attacked kislevite villages.

Having a couple of troll-slayer, this brought me to an idea:

I want to give to the slayer some marauder-shields and paint them in a dark, khorne-like sheme, to have a very unique unit of CD-Warriors!:idea

Do you have more fluff and background about those Berserker Dawi-Zharr and are there pics of similar projects? Any other ideas for this project?


I think your idea sounds about right. In the Original Army list book the Chaos dwarf had berserkers listed as a unit type. I don’t think they had shields… or armor at all… I’m pretty sure they were the counterpart to slayers exactly… I have a photocopy of the page somewhere… on it says:

"with their teeth filed to needle-sharp points, the Berserkers spit blood as they scream their praises to the Blood God. They are subject to all the rules for Berserkers given in WFB (p97)."

hand weapon, oh, it does say they can upgrade to having shields… can have an additional hand weapon, double handed weapon, or throwing axe or spear…

again, these rules are from 2nd/3rd edition…


Here is a bad and very old photo of my similar project. I have about 10 of them, most of them just need a few things to finish them off.


I personally would consider them a legitimate excuse to give CDs flails. And a flavourful one at that too!