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Novogord Vivendi:

Welcome all to my blog, my little place for non chaos and non fantasy painting goodness.

I start this one, I will show some finished pieces and hopefully in the coming months, years this will be continued. This is not a log that will go like a TGV, but more like a lorry. Slow an ponderous.

Currently I’m working on my new home, an apartment which I will share with my girl. This is resulting in a lower (even lower then normal) output on painted figures. Normally by August everything should be changed, we will normal live in our own home and everything will get back to normal. SO then I will paint more again, that will be the time I will re-start my Chaos Dwarfs. Strip the paint, give them some new one, with a completely new colorscheme, new basing and new army list.

But for now you all will have to do it with my non chaos dwarfs stuff.

This will range from Empire, to Space Marines, to fully powered steam warjacks from warmachine. Over German Zombies and Medieval knights of my Burgundian army.  Back to little boats from Uncharted Seas and ships from BFG.

I have a large collection, which I will not list. This is the result of my ever changing mind. I have read about this butterfly effect and the consequence’s of this. And I’m feeling this very strongly at the moment, when I’m packing all my armies and stuff I have for the great move.

But enough of this rambling, I’m looking like an old men here. Here are some pictures of finished stuff:

Astral Claws (played with Black Templar rules).

and the neophyte’s of the army:

My empire troops:

And a dwarf, recruted in my empire force:

And a little thing from my Khador Force:

Thanks for looking and hope to surprise you soon with some new stuff :slight_smile: