[Archive] Nurgle Chaos Dwarfs or Undead Dwarfs. Help!


As I sat in my college classes today, in that wierd place that hovers between dreaming and reality, I kept thinking of that Enigma Skulldwarf image I shared with y’all. As it krept its way into my semi-cognitive thought, I had an off-the-wall idea . Undead Dwarfs or Nurgle Chaos Dwarfs. I know many have shared the idea I have And I thank you for the inspiration. I blame those who created this ingenious monstrosity that now is imbedded in my brain!

My idea is simple. Now that the new VC models are available, I plan on using the top halves of the skeletons/zombies/grave guard and the feet of goblins to achieve the desired height. I plan on sculpting beards on each and every one of them. I have extra handguns from a Empire Outriders box for blunderbusses/thunderers. I also have many, MANY extra bits from armies long forgotten (Chaos, Beastmen, Lizardmen, Dwarfs, Ogres, Orc, and Vampire Counts)

So what do you guys think, is it worth the effort?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, if it works. I know that EvilClown and I had planned a duo undead-dwarf army of zombuie pirate dwarfs and my blood dragon-sired dwarfs (I never got around to it and he made a single model), but they can look great. Maybe use them as slaves for your CD or use them as an undead CD-rules horde or as stand-ins until you make a large enough army. Test it out and see if you like the results, show us all your endeavours too!


Is it worth the effort? I think that any idea pursued to reality is a worthy one. You just have to make it so.

I seem to remember seeing a ghost dwarf army somewhere in my travels. I think it was part of a themed VC army that used dead dwarves as a spirit host.

If you go straight undead, it might be hard to see their skeletal or zombiefied faces with all the beards and such. Perhaps if they had no moustache and just a beard it would be more visible.

Or you could take a sort of “grave guard” approach - heavily armoured, but otherwise skeletal - arms, face showing etc, but with beards (armoured beards like some people have suggested?)

@Hashut’s Blessing

Zombuie, eh? The liquor of Undeath… :slight_smile: :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s 5:08am here :smiley: I’m trying to kick my sleeping cycle into a correct sync. But, as noted, it’s a cool idea, if done to completion. Otherwise, it feels like failure.

Ghrask Dragh:

Because of the ridiculous prices hobgoblins are going for on eBay and the cool new models from GW I’m going to be using undead for my army slaves, skeletons and zombies will take up all of my hobgoblin places in the list.

I really like the idea of nurgle Dwarfs, so much I think I might make a one-off conversion just for the sake of it!


Try a test model and see if it works!

You might want to have quite a few with no hat/ mask to show the bare skull. It might be an idea to think of how each one died as well, whether you will have a theme there or not?

As an example, gluing some arrows onto a model here and there throughout the unit.

How easy would it be to use the skellies box? Would you need to shorten the arms? If you had to do that it would kill the project from the start IMO.


I’ve made a small undead goblin army in the same way. I’m not sure if you can make them dwarfy enough to make it obvious without beards, unless you stick a lot of dwar icons all over the place. Pretty easy to make though.

Kera foehunter:

that a great idea leadbelcher!!sound like you got all ends covered


I decided to make them undead dwarfs, using the dwarf rules of course. I have around 4500 points of tall hats, so adding more would be pretty much a waste of time. The Lord is going to look like a vampire dwarf, the infantry will look zombies and skeletons, adorn skulls to the war machines. I think it will turn out alright.