[Archive] O&G book on the horizon


For those not following these things, the 8th Ed Orcs and Goblins book is due to be released soon (feb/march).

It will be interesting to see how the animosity rules change.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Wait, again? Why? :smiley:

Still, might hold some cool surprises for us :smiley:


Because O&G are a staple army and they want to tweak them for 8th and make lots of money. Sadly new books are produced according to sales rather than need.

Da Crusha:

It would be interesting to see what kind of changes they do to troops we can use. hopefully they will get some buffs.


Looks like HB decided to catch a ride on the WAAAHHHHHmbulance, rather than the WAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHmobile.

As for me, bring on da gobboz!!


One thing I caught from the rumors on Warseer, and responded to was this:

Gobbos should get something to support their Sneaky Gittyness, just like fanatics.
yeah, maybe something like a gobbo with two hand weapons in amongst the other gobbos… that could work


I think it means themed to be sneaky, not that it is a hobgoblin.  Of course they could use the term ‘sneaky git’ exclusively for goblins from now on. :~


As nice as it is that they are getting a re release, its sad to see where GW’s priorities are, not surprising though.


IMHO two hand weapons should be reserved for elites. Trust me, it is not easy.


yay! more goblins for me:h:h:h:h:h:h:h:h:h

so it ain’t no idea to pick the old book now


IMHO two hand weapons should be reserved for elites. Trust me, it is not easy.

Depends on how you fight with them, and what weapons you use. I've found that a longer offensive weapon and shorter defensive parrying weapon, a more European dueling style, is fairly easy to pick up when compared to using a longer weapon two weapon style, such as fighting ni-to in Kendo (which takes an awesome amount of strength too).

Some improvisational or simplistic weapons are incredibly easy for an amateur to fight with with one in each hand, especially when they aren't worried with style or tactics as much. Though not as effectively as with a better weapon or with better training.

Though really, their ability to use the weapon all comes down to their weapon skill more than anything else. A low weapon skill would mean that they're relatively untrained in the use of any weapons. Where as a medium weapon skill could mean that they're better trained with their weapons or combination of weapons.


woohoo!I realy hope theyl release plastic savage orcs and savage orc boar boyz :slight_smile:


Buh… I can hear my Ogres and Bretonnians crying out in outrage in their drawer…

It appears I have the tendency to play completely unsuported armies…

I had really hoped for a new OKbook, but alas…


Will be interesting to see where they go with it as the book is still good i think, played a game not long ago using 8th rules from them and i smashed the guy i was playing against with my all night goblin army


they could offcourse reintroduce a large fun factor into the O&G book. like the older books had seperate missfire tables that would really create a smile on both players face. that’s one of the biggest things i miss in the current book.