[Archive] Obdisian's trade thread


In following of Clam’s Collecting Quest I decided to open up my own wants and haves topic. :hat off


Marauder Chaos Dwarfs:

MM90 - Chaos Dwarves

MM90/2 A

MM90/3 C

MM90/4 A

MM90/6 D

Marauder Dwarfs:

MB1 - Dwarf Regiment


Citadel Chaos Dwarfs:


Number 14.

Number 22.


Number 01.

Norse Dwarfs:


Number 12 (for a while I suspected this one might be a Chaos Dwarf, must be the horns position so low I looks almost if they are growing out of his head…)

EDIT1: also looking for the following:



Rune Lord Kragg the grim.

Burlok Damminson.


Dwarf King Kazador.


Anvil of Doom. (just need bitz and pieces to be honest! :wink: )


Bugman himself and the Champion.


The Troll Slayers. (especially Slayer 1)


The command group.



Skelleton Warriors regiment. (or bitz of it really!)


For the rest I’m interested in regular Marauder Dwarfs. If you have any lemme know which ones and we might be able to make a deal.

These are my wants for now. I’ll update it when I come across something I want.



I have a lot of Big Hat plastics in various states and also lots of metals from the Big Hat era.

First I’d like to trade only, if that doesn’t work I’ll put up a detailed list with what I have for sale. :slight_smile:



Edit1: updated the wants.

Groznit Goregut:

I love the big hat stuff.  I have NO Chaos Dwarfs at the moment, though.  I do have a ton of greenskins.  If you ever want to trade for them or sell some of yours, I would be happy to.  I know it’s not what you want, so just PM me if find nothing else.  I’d even be interested in buying just one or two plastic or metal big hats.

Edited for not having chaos dwarfs

Kera foehunter:

now your speaking pirate talk i like to trade for big hat pm me please


PM on the way! :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, Kera looking for Big Hats…? Something foul is afoot!!!



Updated the wants.

This weekend I’ll make a list with what I have to trade.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Are you looking for regular Bighat Warriors and the General mini (both metal) too?


I actually haven’t got anything on your wantlist, but actually, if you’ll put on sale, I’d be interested in some big hats stuff…

Thank you



Are you looking for regular Bighat Warriors and the General mini (both metal) too?

Hrothgar Goldgreed
No, I've got them to trade as a matter of fact.

I going to give this some time. If no one has any of my needs only then I will start selling off what I have...


Been a while and I hope a bump doesn’t do too much harm! :wink:

Da Crusha:

have you updated your want list or are you still looking for all of those?


The want list is basically the same as last time nothing came out of it unfortunatly.

Da Crusha:

hmm, I have some of the models that you are looking for, kragg the grimm, bugman, king kazador, a plethora of slayers (old and newer ones), #14 and #22, and the skeletons. what other stuff do you have for trade? Im not looking for many things but Im looking for a few specifics.

dwarf flutist
MB1 - Dwarf Regiment

dwarf musicians (I’d like any of the 3 drummer variations but 05 is the only one I don’t have yet)

the norse dwarf drummer


I would love to say I have what you are looking for but unfortunatly I don’t have those (anymore)…

Chaos Dwarf wise it’s mostly big hats I have left from a bundle I once bought and otherwise have a few boxes with old GW stuff, mostly Chaos champions and a bunch of character models from both WFB as 40K, I guess I need to make a list of the specifics soon anyhow. I want to sell, they are basically the last remnants of my old collection which numbered close to 10.000 models…

Da Crusha:

10,000 that is quite a number! I am not as fortunate as you I only have about 3000 :(. well Im always getting models that just catch my eye maybe when you post other stuff that you have we can make a trade.


Having worked at GW helped (or actually didn’t!) too, got most of it quite cheap. Realising one day that I’d never paint or do anything with it I decided to sell most off, concentrating on what I really liked.

3000 ain’t bad mate, you’re well on your way to damnation!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have the joseph bugman model, sans back banner, though I know I’ve got it, its just a question of finding it. Im interested in big hats. Whats you exchange rate like?