[Archive] Obscure Pulper Spikehead question

Mr Saturday:

Here’s one to test your knowledge of the 3rd ed GW chaos dwarves. There are two variants of Pulper Spikehead . Does anyone know what the differences are? As far as I can tell, only the mace is different.


These two:-




TBH, the second one looks like a badly cast first one. :-/

Mr Saturday:

Cheers Nitro. So the mace, cloak and dwarf impaled head is what I can see as different. I ask as the second variant and one other dwarf are the last to elude me from the 3rd entire range, bar the ass cannon and juggernaut.


I wonder if its an oversight on the wiki? They are very similar, anyone know any better than me?


Clam’s models are on the wiki, so he’s the expert.




Yes, I’d say the “variant” is just somehow a miscast that they perpetuated… just a little less detailed… and the spikes aren’t as spikey!


Well, have taken those pictures and have them both in my possession, so if that makes me the expert, well … here I am :smiley:

But Mr Saturday, you conclusion is right. The second one is a more soft variant of the original one (And that goes for all renegades variants) - only other think I can come to think of is, that the two dwarf head shoulder pads also have spikes on the top of the heads, and these were also removed for the variant.


Hey, I think this auction has the variant in it ending in 16 hours…


and only $1 USD!!!

Mr Saturday:

Thanks for the info guys, I’ll add him to my wanted list, as my ocd demands nothing less.


I think clam has you beat with the chaos dwarf old school mini OCD… :wink:

Mr Saturday:

I dunno, once I bring the full weight of my obsessive nature to bear it’s a thing of wonder. Still, there are many of my kind here, I would imagine…


Great thread everyone. I have learnt something new today. That is always a good thing.