[Archive] Odd or Insane Machines That Never Were Built?


Do you happen to know of some odd or insane machines that never were built?

This includes inventor’s sketches and blueprints, patents and wildly artistic things such as Gvozdariki’s steampunk animal machines, or hell-trains reminiscent of Hellcannons and so on. Preferably, it shouldn’t be too modern, and not futuristic. 19th century flair and older is preferred, but please present any finds you happen to know of, even if you’re unsure. :slight_smile:

All tips are welcome, and particularly so of drawings, blueprints and paintings. I’ve already got Leonardo da Vinci, Vladimir Gvozdariki and Sigi Strasser checked out, among some random things, but I’m sure there are many more crazy machinery illustrations out there, of some interest to Chaos Dwarfs.

Official Games Workshop artwork is not to be included here, for IP reasons.