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Hi all,

A while back I commissioned my first sculpt from the talented Paul Muller. It’s a bad ass Hogman and I thought I’d share!

The full album:



Very cool, gz!

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Looks good enough to eat.


That’s a beauty sculpt! Love that the head is on a gear-retractor to keep it safe. Nothing like losing a prized trophy on a busy battlefield! :slight_smile:


very very nice Tim,

what are you going to do with it, is it for personal use or production?


Thanks guys! :hat off

@Sjoerd: I´ll be releasing a range of miniatures. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

looks great…You did great on the fingers


Like him, don`t know if I will buy him, but I definitly like him. BTW, as you pmed me I would add that he stand on a 25mm base, so anyone can tell how big he is!


Jup, 36mm in height! ^^


The demon of gluttony is a depraved entity who takes the body of a deceased human as a host and stills his unsatiable hunger on its hapless victims. His body is unnaturally swollen and ridden with open sores and pestilent wounds while his limbs twist in a way not humanly possible…

This is our second sculpt made by Paul Muller, the Demon of Gluttony. Standing at 25mm to its eyes, based on a 30/32mm armature. If all goes well I hope to start releasing within two months time!


Also very usable as a fat zombie!


There is some ver good stuff here…


Very good works. Dynamic and detailed minis.


Gross. I mean… nice :slight_smile:


Thats an uggly mother f…r!!!


Gregor Adrian is working on the Dark Paladin for me and I’ll be showing the process of the sculpt in various stages! :smiley:

Roughs: Shows how the sculptor makes a rough outline and the beginning of sculpting the miniature.

Roughs complete;

Detailing of the right leg;



More work, legs almost finished and work on the torso has started!


Looks real good, Tim :hat off Gregor is doing a great job. Look forward seein him finished.

And so does the Muller pieces. Wise choice using him for your creepy/weird pieces. He has a great talent for such things :slight_smile:

And didn’t I see masters on FB a few weeks back? - or was that something I dreamt?


Masters of the Hogman you mean? Jup, got a few of them in! :slight_smile:

Great you’re liking them mate! :slight_smile:


More work done on the Dark Paladin’s torso.


very nice indeed :slight_smile:

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