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My FLGS is holding a Tale of Gamers campaign for Warmachine where we each paint 5 points (that’d be about a unit or a warmachine for you who don’t know the system) each month, and play a mapped campaign with battles once per month.

I decided to join with a force of Mercenaries, led by one Asheth Magnus, twice betrayed by his homeland of Cygnar, now a bitter guerilla warrior fighting to return his true king to the throne. (i.e my first Warcaster is going to be Magnus the Traitor, model not bought yet).

To aid him, he has enlisted a score of roughnecks and cutthroats. First among these is one Croe:

and his unit of Cutthroats, stealthy snipers with poisoned crossbows:

Also joining Magnus is a unit of Kayazy deserted from the Khadoran army:

I converted the Kayazy using some Barbarian heads from Micro Art studios to make them look a bit more weathered and rough. The original models have sorta wonky heads, and I was very happy with this effect.

Lastly, one Reinholdt, a gobber armed with a trusty stopwatch and looking glass:

With apologies for crappy pictures!


There was something here. It got lost.


I hijacked an old threat to post new pictures. This is the official bump. Ignore triple post.

Kera foehunter:

nice goblin Can you tell me who make it ogrob


Yeah the goblin is awesome.


All the minis are from Privateer Press, makers of WARMACHINE and HORDES, and big fans of capital letters.


Reinholdt is excellent with the Right warcaster, and a bargain and useful point filler for 1 points :).

Nice paint work Ogrob and some stealthy choices for your units!! Remember to keep those assasins out of blast markers otherwise they drop like flies!


Very cool paintjob and nice selection of minis! :cheers



Removed some crappy old pictures


Been a while since I updated. I decided I didn’t like the color scheme I had, so I redid it. I’ve also moved into a new apartement, and in the move, I lost track of how I did the new green, so I’m trying hard to get the configuration right again.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of pictures:

Reinholdt and my Reaper Lonnia who stands in for First Mate Hawk

My Kayazy assassins in new colors:

A Freebooter heavy warjack:

A Nomad heavy warjack:

Snapjaw, a (still WIP) character heavy Warbeast that goes with a gatorman witchdoctor who’s beeing painted at the moment:

Magnus the Traitor:

And Magnus the Warlord, representing the same character as above, but at a later stage in life, with different abilities:

And lastly, not Warmachine at all. My girlfriend is a big fan of the Temeraire series of novels, and I happened to promise her some mini versions of the main characters for her birthday (next week, gotta finish these). WIP, but from left to right: Tharkay, Captain William Laurence, Lieutenant Ferris, Lieutenant Granby, of the Royal Brittish Aerial Corps.


nice paintjob

really like that crocogile monster,looks very natural

and this magnus guy is also pretty cool


Some new pictures coming up.

Finished eMagnus and made him a new sword:



Wrong Eye and Snapjaw:


Cool stuff, I absolutely dig the way you paint faces.


Wow, I have not updated in a long long time. Rest assured, I have not been inactive. I’ve got a lot of models painted, and I finally got motivated to wrestle my camera into gear and take some more pictures. Most of my Warmachine models have gotten a facelift, and there’s also a bunch of new stuff. Enjoy.

Snapjaw again:

His buddy Wrong-eye:

Mercenary Warcaster and third baddest man in the Iron Kingdoms, Drake MacBain:

His favourite Nomad:

And a Mule, not 100% finished with this:

My favourite tarpit unit, Boomhowler & Co. Boomhowler himself is absent from the pictures, he suffered a bad case of the blurs:

Gorman di Wulfe, mad alchemist:

And Rhupert Carvolo, buffer extraordinaire:


Nicely done. I like the looks of that stuff.


Very nice paint jobs.

good job!!


Thanks guys. I’ve got more stuff painted, but my camera wants new batteries every five seconds, so it’s a bit annoying to ge anything photographed. I was lucky to get all this done, and some decent pictures out of the deal.


A local player requested shots of my Fiona the Black on another forum, and with some effort, I got these:

This model is heavily converted, the hat, most of the staff, some cuffs, her hair are sculpted on. I’m not happy with the staff or her right hand, so I’m going to have a go at fixing it some time.


Fiona has Chaos Dwarf hair, awesome! ^^ I like this conversion very much because of it’s Voodoo-style. the original model is pretty boring but your’s very nice.